God of War "Significantly Exceeded" Sony's Expectations; E3 Reveals "Receiving Strong Feedback"

Santa Monica Studios' God of War is doing much better than Sony expected, and the audience is reacting favorably to the reveals made at E3.

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ArchangelMike1763d ago

It's an absolutely phenomenal game. I hope we get an expansion pack like The Frozen Wilds, to hide us over until the sequel drops.

Crazyglues1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

/\---- Yess... Please...

bouzebbal1763d ago

good! the series must be up to a fresh new start.
they built a good foundation for the next episodes, now i hope they add content like new bosses and different types of enemies.

Shiken1763d ago

They confirmed that there will be no DLC for the game already. I would rather have them focus on the next game anyway, this one is already a complete experience.

UltraNova1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Yeah dlc is not coming as Shiken mentioned. Its a shame really but at least we are getting a new game + patch soon. Speaking of which, where the hell is it? I've intentionally put the game aside waiting for the NG+ patch ever since I got my new TV saving it for GOW's HDR eye candy!

Common SM bring it on!

bouzebbal1763d ago

i think they will announce some DLC at PSX later this year.

Shiken1763d ago


They already announced that there will be no DLC for the game. Have you not been paying attention?

UltraNova1763d ago


They will surely announce the NG+ mode at PAX for sure.k

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PhantomS421763d ago

They are holding firm on them not making any DLC for this game. For once it's the full package which is awesome. Amazing game from start to finish.

Jeff2571763d ago

Well at least we are getting New Game Plus. I really cannot wait to see what they do with it.

ninsigma1763d ago

Funny thing is when I first started playing it I really wasn't enjoying it. I didn't know what was wrong with me because I could tell it was a quality product but I just wasn't having fun. After a couple days playing, I gave it a break then started it again from the beginning without finishing my first save. 2nd time, I loved it. It was so weird 😂
Best game I've played all year, just an astounding achievement to evolve the franchise in a very big way yet still keeps those who played the old ones. Would love some expansions for it!

sprinterboy1763d ago

I was the same buddy, its not until you unlock stuff when you find your playstyle imo with the attack and a defence you like or are familiar with, when I got to end I wa like shit I haven't used that attack as much as I should of lol. The thing that makes gow great is its varied gameplay, changing your playstyke to suit different sections of the game which kept it fresh from Start to finish. However although I liked the controlling the kid I did feel I just press the buttons without really knowing half the time if it was a good move it bad lol.

WelkinCole1763d ago

I you are a fan of the old it might have been that. Took you some time to love the new direction

ArchangelMike1762d ago

I'm like that with alot of games. I get half way through and have to start again. I think it takes me a while to settle into the game mechanics.

madforaday1763d ago

I have a weird feeling we WON'T get any DLC related for GOW. I do think they are going to take some words from the New Game Plus that GG did for Horizon Zero Dawn.

They talked many times about how they wanted a lot more armor pieces and etc. but didn't have enough time.

I think they are going to add more armor pieces, enchantments and etc. (maybe new moves, most likely not though). I would LOVE that!

SickSinceSix1763d ago

With almost any other game, Muselpheim, Nilfheim and the Valkyries would all have been payable Dlc.

ArchangelMike1762d ago

I know exactly what you mean. I guess Sony want a sequel out sooner, and don't want to divide resources for the DLC.

Sarcasm1763d ago

It's a bit cliche to say, but it's my personal best game of this generation. I know I know, there are a bunch of great games that have come out. But none that hooked me the way this did. Re-inventing the series in the best possible way. I seriously can't wait for the next one.

paintedgamer19841763d ago

No dlc... but i wouldnt mind a traditional gow made by someone else to hold us over. I dont see another 3rd person gow until like the 2nd or 3rd year into the ps5

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doggo841763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Yea God of war was pretty much flawless.
Good to hear. Can't wait for spiderman especially.

doggo841763d ago

Shame, disagrees, life must be tough knowing the PS4 is the best.

TheGoodestBoi1763d ago

Jesus I'm so hyped for Spiderman. Partly because it's insomniac and partly because it's Spiderman. And God of war exceeded even my high expectations

Enturax1763d ago

It's not like it had boring and repetitive beginning (a few hours of gameplay), disappointing bosses (except the 1st one), extremely generic platforming (if we can even call it that way), small variety of enemies, terrible looking-for-rune sequences just to open a chest (on the open environment mostly).

No, it was flawless.

doggo841763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Maybe it wasnt flawless, but it is still one of the better games released this gen without a doubt.

"It's not like it had boring and repetitive beginning (a few hours of gameplay)"

Your opinion, nothing more. I didn't find one second of playing GOW boring or repetitive. Plus the opening boss fight was more than epic

"disappointing bosses (except the 1st one)"

You just contradicted your first point by saying "except the first one". But yea, the second one can improve on the first in terms of boss battles

"extremely generic platforming (if we can even call it that way)"

Yea sure, because GOW is a platformer at heart /s. By this time it's clear you're digging for reasons to downplay GOW, which i'm finding hilarious.

"small variety of enemies"

Fair enough, that could be one flaw. A minor one considering how great the combat is, but i'll give it to you.

"terrible looking-for-rune sequences just to open a chest (on the open environment mostly)."

Cool, i havent a played a game this gen that matches the quality of God of war overall. Metacritic seems to agree with me just in case you forgot.

Dark_Knightmare21763d ago

Cool story bro you hated the game no one cares. People are here to celebrate it and whether you agree or not it will be goty and will go down as one of the best games not just this generation but all time

jobboy1763d ago

yeah guy...go back and play your sea of thieves "master of variety" game!

trouble_bubble1763d ago

Enemy variety? Eh. What’s Mario if not turtles and mushrooms, reskinned with wings? This cheep cheep flies. That cheep cheep swims. There’s something to be said for the k.i.s.s principle

AspiringProGenji1763d ago

“It's not like it had boring and repetitive beginning (a few hours of gameplay)“

lol what?

PowerOfTheCloud1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Sarcasm seems fun. I'll try myself:

It's not like one small glimpse on your comment history could give the impression that someone at sony inapprobriately touched you when you were a child, like 1 or 2 years ago.

So obviously you have a genuine opinion on gow and not just blind hate.^^

Enturax1761d ago

My gosh, you people are such a casual dumbasses PS4-elitist wannabes it's not even funny how much toxicity you can pour on someone who is trying to be fair. Also, there's a difference between thinking it's excellent and hating it which I clearly never said I did. But yeah, try to put me in your bias as much as you want, I said what I said and I know I've got a point way bigger than your safety bubble allows you to comprehend.

@doggo84 GoW games were known for having mutliple weapon choices, MANY epic bosses and extreme gore. It's barely a thing here. It was also never known for slow pace and strong narrative. So stop putting bs hypocritic propaganda just because you never considered platforming in GoW in any way important. Either way invisible walls are annoying and you can't always jump off of any platforms you want. Sometimes you even have to jump to another platform, standing on the SAME height as the one you're already standing on, just so you can get down after THAT.
How is it condradicting if I said EXCEPT in the same line; it means I'm aware only that one is good. More than epic? Did you even play GoW3 or any action heavy game that isn't a retarded shooter. Metal Gear Rising, for instance? Yes, the movie-like sequences looked great, but not better than EVERYthing else (just so you know), neither did they give you control over the action.
At the beginning you had insanely small variety of attacks. The beginning also consisted of walking and opening lazily put chests on the opposed sides of the stage. Then you had to fight insanely durable mobs (after the 1st boss fight), so I dunno what was so awesome about it. A lot of people didn't like it either, who liked the game itself. I guess you had to overly enjoy the atmosphere, because what else?

Bloodborne. Bloodborne rapes GoW's atmosphere (seriously, reviewers have been really impressed by its heavy climate), plot, weapon variety (obviously...), exploration, satisfaction and difficulty (and by that I don't mean it's simply harder, I mean it gives you an actual, fair challenge).

And you're talking about opinions yet you're acting as if your wasn't one. However opinions are partly made out of people's experience which is clear as the sun I have way bigger than you.

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King_Lothric1763d ago

God of War is easily one of the best games of this generation. I was waiting for a good game but Santa Monica got me off guard with this master peace.

God of War just came in a good moment when companies like EA and Microsoft were discrediting single player games.

Gwiz1763d ago

Great way to breath new life into Kratos and the God of War saga.

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