What happened to The Suffering franchise?

"The Suffering is a cult classic horror action game released back in 2004 on the PS2. It was developed by Surreal Software and published by the now-defunct Midway. Following along in the path of silent protagonist, Torque, the player navigates through a prison being invaded by hellish creatures. These monstrosities are modeled after ways to die, or more specifically, executions. Depending on how Torque interacts with fellow inmates and the corrections officers, the ending would differ. The Suffering is one of the earliest games to incorporate a morality system that had a real tangible effect on the gameplay and the overall ending." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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monkey602903d ago

I loved The Suffering series. There were far more horror games back in the PS2 years and I really miss so many of them now

TheProfessional903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Glad to see this article. Suffering and Suffering Ties that Bind were both excellent. Great enemy designs by Stan Winston, good story and dialogue, solid gameplay and excellent atmosphere. I loved the visual trip outs and nightmare sequences. Both games also had a morale/choice mechanic that affected the way Torque looked and changed the ending which added to the overall experience. It would be fantastic to at least see a remaster of 1 and 2, or better yet a Shadow of the Colossus style full remake in a completely new graphics engine.

Venox2008903d ago

well since Midway died.. i wouldnt mind remakes of both

AK91903d ago

Midway closed down and no one cared enough about the property to buy it sadly.