Google hires Sony’s PlayStation VR guru and Magic Lab head Richard Marks

If there’s any sign that Google is up to something in the gaming business, the hiring of Marks is a big clue. In January 2018, Google hired Phil Harrison, the former head of Sony’s game research and development and worldwide studios, as a vice president and general manager.

Google has also hired scores of other game-related talent, including former PlayStation Home chief Jack Buser, Xbox Live Arcade creator Greg Canessa, and a number of other folks.

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Apocalypse Shadow80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Can't believe it. But I guess everything changes eventually. My guess is that Sony already has the patents and direction needed for the next iteration of psvr for him to leave.

Must be something big going on at Google with him being one of the pioneers of motion control and 3d controls in the console space. And Phil Harrison who wanted motion controls to happen sooner on playstation before nintendo decided to take the risk with wii. He's at Google as well.

Whatever they're making over there, won't be long before it's shown to the public. VR?AR? Both? With 6dof? Should be interesting. Maybe it's a counter to Facebook's santa cruz and new prototype headset they are working on. The race is on on who gets there first. Maybe Sony should make a playstation go or PSGO to get in the race. Streams from PS5 or take on the go for smaller experiences.

Anyway, good luck Dr. Marks. You made some amazing stuff over at Sony, enjoyed the college appearances about new experiences beyond game controllers and the entertaining E3 demos. I thought Anton would be your successor but he's over there at media molecule.

Eonjay80d ago

Phil Harrison, most recently worked at Xbox. He did work for Sony too, but the fact that he was a corporate vice president at Microsoft for Xbox is far more relevant and recent than the fact that he worked for Sony.

Apocalypse Shadow80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Nothing to do with Xbox. Phil worked at Sony for years. He helped pioneer Playstation Home and believed in motion controls. Nintendo knew Sony was also working on motion as well

**Nintendo president Satoru Iwata seems to agree, having told GameDaily recently, "We were anticipating that Sony would make that kind of announcement, so I had to make a kind of wry smile at the time**

And it so happens that Google hired the guy who was the chief of PSHome and the guy who pioneered motion control and 3d control from Sony. And Phil had said in the past that Sony and Microsoft don't push enough to bring in more consumers.

Same games, better graphics. Same games, better graphics. Resulting in about the same amount of gamers buying 100 million consoles or so. Facebook wants to reach the masses with oculus. HTC, vive, etc built wireless headsets to reach the masses and are doing so in China. It makes sense for Google to counter Facebook's spaces in Oculus Go where you can play together in vr, watch content in vr and surf in vr. Only limited by 3dof. Which Cruz will remedy. Go is to get consumers used to it.

This is a race to get the masses to accept vr and make it affordable for everyone while getting better tech over time. It's going to take time, but the winners stand to make billions.

Eonjay80d ago

Why is his work at Xbox irrelevant? Regardless of what he will be working on, his experience in a leadership position at Microsoft's gaming division has to be something they looked at when choosing him...

Apocalypse Shadow80d ago

Of course that helps in that he was a vice president at Sony and Microsoft.

But this is about reaching a wider audience, which as fun as our consoles are, never reach the masses like say cell phones. Phil believed in trying to reach the masses and not just the same gamers upgrading to the next console over and over. If you notice, it's about the same amount every generation.

Wii, as casual as it was,reached a group that normally never played games at all. Phil thought Sony should have pushed motion controls and home more. They didn't. He left.

Don't you find it interesting that the guy who specializes in motion controls and vr, the guy who believed in motion controls and virtual spaces that gamers came together to play in,the guy who ran home and the guy who worked for microsoft in the games sector, now ALL work for Google.

That means all of them believe Google stands a chance to reach the masses that Sony ,Microsoft and Nintendo can't. And I think it's all of the above of AR,VR and MR. Being a vp is only a fraction on what they are looking for with Phil. And now they have Dr Marks too.

UltraNova80d ago

Interesting stuff Apocalypse. Truth be told we have absolutely no idea what Google is cooking at the moment. I for one cant wait yo see what they have instore for us.

Imagine flying in a 3D version of Google Earth in VR.... Damn the potential here is limitless.

Edito80d ago

He accomplished more relevant things for Sony than he did for Microsoft that's why working for Sony still is major benchmark.

Army_of_Darkness80d ago

He's been With Sony nearly forever! Google must have offered him a huge salary he couldn't refuse that's for sure! Well, all the best to him!

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IamTylerDurden179d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Adam Boyes, Richard Marks, Bruce Straley. All of them recently moved on from Sony and they are all irreplaceable. I'm sure with the incredible success Sony is having at the moment it won't be hard to find more talent, but these men were huge assets to the company and they will be missed.

isarai80d ago

HMMmm, interesting, especially with rumors of a google console.... hmmm indeed

masterfox80d ago

hey that's cheating!, build up your own talented Engineers :D, well played Google well played.

IamTylerDurden179d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Dr. Richard Marks was a visionary and a hugely important part of Sony for over a decade. He ran Magic Lab, headed PSVR, PS Move, and actually discovered the technology for Kinect long before Microsoft. This is a massive blow to Sony and i would like to believe they have an adequate successor in mind. But truth be told, the was more likely Google swooping in and throwing ridiculous amounts of cash at Dr. Marks ultimately blindsiding Sony. He will be missed.

Fist4achin80d ago

I usually get down voted, but Google definitely has something going on. They have extremely deep pockets and can buy whatever talent they want at whatever price. I don't see them releasing anything of physical content, but I'm sure it will be interesting.

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