CCC: SOCOM Confrontation Review

CCC Writes "SOCOM has always catered to the hardcore and Confrontation is no different in this regard. Slant Six has done an admirable job updating the formula of past games, but the decision to wipe the single-player slate clean and the copious amounts of bugs are standout problems."

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Isaac3648d ago

For fans only and for those that don't care about lag and glitches. Sony really screwed up this one. How could they do that to this franchise!? Oh well, I was never a fan...

javy0093648d ago

i got the game 1day got back to cod, 2day played like 2hrs then back to cod, from the 3day on i forgot cod existed and i love cod, this game is a must buy for people that love wargames, is not a perfect game but is a lot of fun to play