Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix -- 20 new screens

Capcom has just released 20 new screenshots from the upcoming PSN/XBLA fighter. The game still doesn't have a release date, but they're promising it's "very soon."

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thereapersson3653d ago

Sadly, I've given up on this game. There are more important titles that I am looking forward to, or to a lesser extent, would like to see remade. This was looking good, oh I dunno... almost a YEAR ago, but now I have just stopped paying attention. Quit delaying it and just release the damn thing already!

cr33ping_death3653d ago

who cares. its been long enough

juuken3653d ago

I forgot about this game. o.o

CertifiedGamer3653d ago

yet games could comeout on xbox360 first but they cant on ps3

shotputking3653d ago

1) it was never given a release date, so it hasn't been delayed.
2) maybe the fact that it's not done yet is a reason why it hasn't come out on ps3 yet?