People in gaming we'd like to see less often

The Vgtilt gives a comprehensive list and run down of the most obnoxious personalities in the gaming biz.

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Eddie201013647d ago

I agree with this entire list. Every single guy on that list is annoying or has annoyed me. I might change the order a little bit, or add a few more, but that would be it.

UltimateIdiot9113647d ago

I couldn't agree more. This list is compiled up of mostly arrogant people and people who talk sh!t as if they know sh!t.

Aclay3647d ago

I would also add Don Mattrick to that list as well. It's not surprising that almost the whole list consisted of Microsoft supporters or Microsoft PR because they are the ones that runs their mouths the most.

aftrdark213647d ago

Comic book guy from Valve... whatever his name is.. But good list could have added some more ppl.