HMV: Pre-owned sales the "final piece of the jigsaw"

HMV has told that its entry into the second-hand game sales market will convince hardcore gamers and the industry itself that the chain is a serious contender in videogames retail.

Speaking following yesterday's announcement, HMV's Martin Baxter said the launch of Re/Play this Friday will put it on a par with rivals such as GAME and Gamestation.

"We have thought of ourselves as a games specialist for a while now - ask any of our staff, and that's what they'll tell you, but we recognise that some core gamers, and also people within our business, may not always have shared that view," he said.

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Silogon3652d ago

I hate second hand games and game stores. < Biggest jokes around.

Trying to calculate sales from a used game is pointless, cause it's been sold once and that one time was already factored into the companies profits and earnings. See, when a used game is sold it goes right into the used game store, gamer or outlet's pocket. The developer gets jack for it.

Atleast when you rent a game they still get a bit of profit off of it.