Playground Games hires BioWare, EA Motive and Rocksteady talent for upcoming RPG

Forza Horizon developer also welcomes developers from Ninja Theory, Guerrilla Games and more to second studio.

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gangsta_red2156d ago

This upcoming game better be beyond epic.

Obscure_Observer2156d ago


First they hired talent from Ninja Theory, Kojima Productions, Rockstar and DICE! Like it wasn´t enough, now they got more talent from BioWare, EA Motive, Rocksteady and Guerrilla?

This game is gonna be UNBELIVABLE!!!

TheCommentator2156d ago

Playground certainly has the right people in place to make a great game. Hopefully they can work well together as a team through great leadership and turn out an amazing game!

lxeasy2156d ago

Playground is one of the highest rated developers of this gen. I can't wait to see a sneak peak into their next game.

IamTylerDurden12155d ago


I think the right people would've been Lionhead Studios, just sayin..

pwnmaster30002155d ago

Yeah I hope. I’m still very sceptical since they are mostly known for racing games, but the hiring of multiple people from different talented companies is reassuring.
I’m not saying they are bad developers, even tho I’m not a fan of racing games, I can tell the talented from the not talented.
It’s like if polyphony made a rpg or shooter, I’ll be sceptical.

Obscure_Observer2155d ago


"It’s like if polyphony made a rpg or shooter, I’ll be sceptical."

You certainly hadn´t played Omega Boost. XD

IamTylerDurden12155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Taking a page from Sony/GG. Smart.

Considering they don't have much RPG experience they probably need some outside talent.

They are currently hiring developers so i wouldn't expect this game any time soon. Probably next gen.

gangsta_red2155d ago

Of course, this game is definitely a couple of years away.

hench072156d ago

Next gen should be good for MS first party

Obscure_Observer2156d ago

And then there´s the fools who thinks that Microsoft´s new acquired/created studios won´t make a difference on the first party front! Lmao! XD

Sayai jin2156d ago

Some people on this site don't seem to be too happy about this...smh.

CrimsonWing692155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I think they just need to see what the game is. The skepticism is understandable considering how botched exclusives were for MS this gen.

Wasn’t Halo 5 even panned a bit? Sea of Thieves was pretty lackluster, Gears of War 4 wasn’t as good as its predecessors... here’s hoping MS can pull some contenders that actually compete with Sony’s strong exclusives.

I mean does MS have any exclusives on the level of Uncharted, God of War, Bloodborne, or Nioh? And I’m not trying to offend MS fanboys because I feel more of these level exclusives would really help MS but as it goes all they push out are Forza, Halo, and Gears... they need to bring things unique like Sacelbound.

gamer92155d ago

CrimsonWing, short answer is no, but the long answer is depends what you are into. TLOU remastered is my favourite story driven campaign of this gen. All the PS4 games you listed are 3rd person action/adventure. My overall favourite game of this gen might very well be xbox’s ‘timed’ exclusive PUBG because I enjoy competitive PVP shooters and it’s a fresh take on the whole genre. Playing Gears4 horde with buddies was also a blast. I would never want to miss out on at least trying all of those games we both mentioned

Vasto2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I cant wait to see this game. Playground is the studio that everybody is looking at right now. They are just so talented.

Thank you Playground.

CocoaBrother2156d ago

The Forza Horizon series is one of my favorites to play. I'm looking to playing 4 this fall.

Vasto2156d ago

Forza 4 looks stunning. Cant wait to play.

The 10th Rider2156d ago

IMO Forza Horizon is the best racing series out there right now. I mean, obviously there's sim-racers, which are a different beast, but the best Sim racers are Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo and both had problems with their latest entries, whereas Forza Horizon is the best it's ever been.

sammarshall1022156d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is my favorite racer ever hands down

Sgt_Slaughter2156d ago

Console sim racers are good but very limited. PC sim racing games will always be better.

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Obscure_Observer2156d ago


I agree. Playground is definelly on the right track to become Microsoft´s biggest first party studio to date! Phil Spencer did an amazing job on acquiring Playground Games alongside with Ninja Theory, Compulsion and Undead Labs which is about to become better and bigger studios as well!

The_Hooligan2156d ago

In my opinion Playground and Ninja theory are their best acquisitions out of the bunch. I give a slight edge to Ninja theory. It's pretty much 1A and 1B.

combatcash2156d ago

Haven't played their horizon games, but it's impressive what they've been able to pull off graphically with the base Xbox and now with the Xbox one X. I'll be picking up the new horizon, it looks pretty damn good.

IamTylerDurden12155d ago

I would argue that eyes are more on Sucker Punch and Bend considering both studios have announced games. People are curious about this game, but i don't think the eyes of the industry will be upon them until they show some promising footage. Think GG and HZD. Everyone knew they were working on an RPG but it wasn't until E3 when they dropped that jaw dropping gameplay trailer that the eyes of the industry were upon them.

2152d ago
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Automatic792156d ago

Looking forward to seeing Playground games new title, as well as Ninja Theory and the Iniative. I think we are in for a treat with those studios. Lots of new IP that can be created.

Gh05t2156d ago

Glad to see the industry growing.