WorthPlaying: Peggle Nights Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Prior to release, did anyone actually expect Peggle to be the phenomenon it turned out to be? PopCap Games have a history of churning out the gaming equivalent of crack, all of it polished down the atom, but addictive though their games are, it's pretty damn rare to see one of them actually sweeping everyone off their feet.

And yet, such is the legacy of Peggle, beloved by casual gamers and serious sorts alike. A weird crossbreed of pachinko, pinball, pool and lysergic acid, Peggle challenges gamers to shoot a ball from the top of the screen and have it bounce around to hit and remove as many round orange pegs as possible. When all of the orange pegs have been hit, you win the level! It's simple enough and accentuated by various characters with different powers (activated by striking a green peg), blue pegs that boost your score/get in the way, and the game literally exploding into rainbows, happiness, and "Beethoven's 9th Symphony" upon completion of a level. The score itself grants you extra balls, so going for that big nest of blues instead of one of the few remaining oranges may be a wise idea, and you can also try to time shots to land them in a moving bucket at the bottom, which once again grants an extra ball. Not every peg is round, either, and moving pegs, obstacles, and teleporters add to the challenge of getting the ball to bounce right where you want it to, while compensating for the gravity that inexorably drags it down."

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