IncGamers: MMO Weekly 21/10

This week IncGamers looks at the BlizzCon event, the news of MMOs globally and a whole lot more in the world of MMOs.

I'm sure an excerpt will be welcome, so here it is:

Hello, my fellow gamer-geeks, and welcome to the latest edition of MMO Weekly. This time around we explore all the latest news in MMO gaming. This includes weird news, quirky news, oddball news, eccentric news, and just plain old boring newsworthy news. Quite frankly, we don't really emphasise that part. It's just not as much fun...

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Wuushu3653d ago

wooot, been waiting for this one!

Leord3653d ago

Dang, I do actually really like the writing of Jeff Hollis! =) Quirky is one of my favourite English words btw =P

Maticus3653d ago

Another brilliant article by Jeff :)

Dorjan3653d ago

Always a pleasure to read; lots of links this week!