The Best Mario Games - Every Super Mario Game Ranked

What's the best Super Mario game ever? Nintendolife tracked review scores across the web alongside their own and user scores to find the answer.

Disclaimer: this is for the mainline Super Mario platformer series only, so you won't see any remakes, spin-offs, sports titles, or the likes of Mario Kart here.

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Kribwalker676d ago

i could agree with most of that list

DrStronk676d ago

Good list but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better then Super Mario Galaxy in every way, imo.

DrStronk676d ago

Mario games have story? xD

Loadedklip673d ago

True but does that matter? It's not like we are comparing an Uncharted 2 or Metal Gear Solid 3 story to a more typical Mario story.

It's OK story vs almost no story. It's not a big deal. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is like starting from the quality of the later stages in Galaxy 1 and only continue to improve on them.

The real advantage Galaxy 1 has over 2 is that ... it came out first.

That's pretty much the only substantial advantage it has though that is enough for many people.

Hylian10676d ago

Galaxy 1, SMB3, and World are my top 3.
Odyssey is great too.