Iconic Xbox franchises that lay dormant – Pt. 1

Provided that everything we learned at E3 2018 about Microsoft's intentions to invest huge on new ideas and bringing the Xbox brand back to a creative standpoint, there are some very well loved franchises that they have in their stable which have been under-utilized. These games not only tested out new gameplay concepts and provided fun gameplay for many players, they helped give an identity to Xbox which made it stand apart from other systems at the time - something they struggle with today.

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PhoenixUp1150d ago

“Back when open-world wasn’t a dirty word”

When did it become dirty

Hitman07691150d ago

Probably Assassin's Creed

PhoenixUp1150d ago

That’d apply to that series than the game design itself

FinalFantasyFanatic1149d ago

Last gen we had too many shooters, now it's open worlds.

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Spurg1150d ago

Kind of a pathetic list Alan wake, Lost Odyssey, Banjo, prefect dark and many more games.

Hitman07691150d ago

It is only one part of a series of articles. Thank you for the feedback.

Tobse1150d ago

Seems to me the article is more about og Xbox and not everything Xbox

KillBill1149d ago

Some games mentioned have been brought back via backwards compatible and I don't consider them really dormant. They for sure could use a remake or be brought back with a new title. Brute Force is I think one of my hope for list that would stand the best by a good engine and a new team behind it.

sammarshall1021150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

A new Brute Force would look amazing with next gen graphics

Lost Odyssey
Fable 4 (rumored)
Fund a next gen Alan Wake
Perfect Dark (3rd person)
Cuphead 2 (released this gen I know)
Banjo Kazooie remake.
Advent Rising remake. That's my wish list

Einhander19711150d ago

Been playing Panzer Dragoon Orta on my Xbox X. This game still looks and plays amazing, would love to see Sega bring this franchise back.

Petebloodyonion1150d ago

Just bring back Kunf-fu Chaos!

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