Gears 5 Reveals New Enemy Type That Will Be “Your Worst Nightmare”

The Coalition reveals yet another enemy type in the game through a short GIF on Twitter.

The Swarm Flock is a swarm (surprise!) of flying “leeches”. As per the tweet, these are going to be “your worst nightmare”. Players actually caught a slight glimpse of them in the game’s reveal trailer at E3 2018. If their movement is as unpredictable and dynamic as this short snippet suggest, then they may very well be a worthy adversary indeed.

sammarshall1022042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Looks great it seems like Gears 5 will have some very varied enemy types the infected DB's look great too

ninsigma2041d ago

Was thinking that as well. Looks like there's going to be some interesting fights dealing with varied enemies on screen at once. Game looks great from everything shown off so far!

sammarshall1022041d ago

I agree and that bodes well for the gameplay

2041d ago
Tazzy2041d ago

Looks great??? It looks every other Gears game since it started on the Xbox 360 great games except for 4 but get real the engine is outdated it doesn't look any better than Gears 4.

Neonridr2040d ago

pretty sure this looks leaps better than the original 360 games, just saying.

AngainorG7X2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

You need your eyes checked


Tazzy2040d ago

Neonridr the engine is tweaked its going to look a little better it doesn't look much better than the 360 games that's not leaps.

Tazzy2040d ago

AngainorG7X I don't need my eyes checked the gif showed the same graphics as Gears 4 but being you seem like an Xbox fanboy of course you're going to think it looks good. I'm sure you think the Xbox One X is selling like hot cakes when in reality it's not the Switch isn't to far behind the Xbox One/S/X in sales and it's been out 16 months compared to the 30+ million Xbox Ones that have been sold in close to 5 years.

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lxeasy2041d ago

Yeah I'm actually excited for this one. Wasn't blown away by gears 4

mcstorm2041d ago

I agree. I think gears 4 was an important step the game needed to make to kind of bring it away from the 1st 3 and it now looks like gears 5 could bring the excitement we got with the 1st 3 but build upon what 4 had to offer.

gangsta_red2042d ago

So the robots from The Matrix?

strayanalog2042d ago

I can't help but think of Kryll.

Jinger2041d ago

I was thinking the same, but these latch on and infect DB's and bury inside humans and explode if that one CoG in the gif is anything to go by

strayanalog2041d ago

True. Kryll with attitude.

Orionsangel2041d ago

Yep, It's basically the Kryll on steroids.

Father__Merrin2041d ago

as an example this game needs to be xbox one only. it needs to be a showpiece for xbox one

Jinger2041d ago

Well that would go against their entire play anywhere push

Father__Merrin2041d ago

They need to abandon play anywhere. It's going to hurt them

badz1492041d ago

but according to xbox fans, play anywhere and gamepass have helped games to sell better

mcstorm2041d ago

Father_merrin I disagree with you. What you need to remember if people buy gears on xbox or pc it's a sale. It's also cross play and opens the up up to more people than just the xbox owners. Look at how Microsoft are pushing them self's with windows 10 and the xbox and you can see that this is a good move by them. It will bring some pc exclusives to xbox and the other way round. Also imagine halo on pc and xbox it will go onto sell as many as 3 did imo.

Father__Merrin2041d ago

mcstorm, it possibly will sell more software but not hardware by having all games on another format it's less reason to own one.

If you think Xbox one had all its staple games on xb1 only you can't not agree it would make it a much better purchase

Obscure_Observer2041d ago


"They need to abandon play anywhere. It's going to hurt them"

Lol. I doubt that their studios are crying and complaing over selling more copies.

Razzer2041d ago

“If you think Xbox one had all its staple games on xb1 only you can't not agree it would make it a much better purchase”

So somehow the game would magically become a better game if it were only sold on Xbox One and not Windows 10?

Neonridr2040d ago

@badz149 - are you suggesting that a game available on less platforms would sell better?

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Razzer2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Right cuz Microsoft shouldn’t support Windows 10, which has a larger base than Xbox? That is just brilliant. /s

Tazzy2041d ago

You're right the play anywhere thing hurt them big time PC gamers don't need an Xbox for anything now like they did with the 360 that's what hurt the sales of the Xbox One PC gamers see the Xbox One/S/X and are like why do I need this console??

Neonridr2040d ago

game sales still count regardless of where people buy it though. That's the point.