Hands-On: Kingdom Hearts 3 is Fun Even if You're New to the Series | Geek

Tony Polanco of Geek writes, "It’s safe to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 fans will have their patience rewarded."

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PhoenixUp83d ago

“It should come as no surprise to learn that Mickey Mouse is king of this shared universe.”

Mickey Mouse isn’t the king of this universe. He just happens to be one of many kings who inhabit the lore. Mickey just happens to be one of two kings who goes to different worlds, the other being Ansem the Wise/DiZ.

“The characters in each realm do not know the other Disney worlds exist.”

Except for King Triton in KH1 who already somehow knew of the other worlds.

michellelynn097683d ago

It looks cute. I like KH games, so I hope this one is magic.