Legend of Zelda, Love Island and Me, by Ellie Gibson

Ever embraced a franchise you spent ages politely avoiding at best, and publicly deriding at worst?

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NecrumOddBoy108d ago

BOTW isn't the best Zelda game to start with. To be quite, honest it's not really a Zelda game at all. If you want to play the series just play the original. It is super easy to play and it has lasted over the ages as one of the most rewarding games ever created.

Neonridr107d ago

BOTW shares so many similarities with the first Zelda game though. Sure it might not have traditional dungeons like the original did, but there was no hand holding there either. You started on a screen, went down a cave, got a sword and away you went. BOTW you awoke, went outside, saw the expanse of the world and away you went. In LoZ If you went to an area you weren't supposed to be in you would die easily as the enemies were overpowered. in BOTW you go to the wrong area too early and you will die with one swing of an enemy sword.

Zelda's of recent times basically told you exactly where to go or what to do in a specific order. BOTW let's you go about the world how you see fit.

I get that BOTW isn't for everyone, but it's basically universally praised and deemed an awesome addition to the Zelda universe.

But LttP will always be my favorite Zelda game, so much nostalgia from that amazing SNES game.

But it's always interesting hearing people attack or complain about a game that a good chunk haven't even played (not saying you haven't, just in general).

pramath1605103d ago

The best game ever. Can't wait to see where the next one goes!