Gamestop Reveals Fallout And Anthem Pre-order Items

Gamestop has dispalyed the pre-order items for Fallout 76 and Anthem as part of the pre-order campaigns.

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ocelot07177d ago

GAME in the UK have been taking pre orders for the Fallout stuff for a few weeks now. I must admit the replica plasma rifle is very tempting.

Garethvk177d ago

How much do you have to put down in advance and pay to get it there?

ocelot07177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

If you order online. You pay noting in advance they take the money a few days before release.

OhReginald177d ago

i'm not gonna even give this game a chance. No offline singleplayer = no buy.

Garethvk177d ago

I think some hardcore fans are in this mode but I am very curious to try it and hope to at PAX West.

Garethvk177d ago

Anthem has not really interested me at all. The concept combined with the way EA and their p.r. act towards media has really affected me getting excited.

badboyz09177d ago

Plus the game looks like trash. Every gameplay I watch I fall asleep.

Garethvk177d ago

That too. Did not get alot of positive feedback at EA Play. Plus they were cherry picking which media got to play. I know a few who were invited to EA play and they were in line say 40 or so people ahead of them and hours to go and they were told there were no play slots left.

MrSwankSinatra177d ago

I'm just gonna be honest, all that aside, the game just looks pretty. When I saw the gameplay there really wasn't anything else interesting outside of the graphics.

FinalFantasyFanatic176d ago

I really want to like Anthem but I'll wait for review and the opinions of people who already played the game before I fork out for it myself.

Garethvk176d ago

Exactly. I also want to know how bad the Loot Box situation will be and if it is a tiny campaign with all multiplayer.

Shmeidi176d ago

Agreed. I feel like this has been the growing trend.

BadElf176d ago

Curious, why do you really want to like Anthem?

Garethvk176d ago

I am just indifferent. I think a new franchise would be great but so many talk big but fail to deliver.

chris235176d ago

people are still preordering games?? wow.

Garethvk176d ago

They keep offering things to get them to do it.