Musician Behind LittleBigPlanet's Delay Responds

Toumani Diabate, the musician behind the music responsible for LittleBigPlanet being delayed defends himself.

Diabate, a Muslim himself, told BBC's News:

"It's quite normal to play music and be inspired by the words of the Prophet Mohammed. It's my way to attract and inspire people towards Islam."

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain disagreed:

"Muslims believe the Qur'an to be the actual word of god and give it utmost respect. Therefore if it were to be used with the accompaniment of music or if it were to be used in a game or a commercial - that would upset and cause offense and hurt to many, many Muslims."

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Magnificent_Mr_P3674d ago

Don't you think it's pretty ironic that a muslim musician and the muslim council of britain fail to see eye to eye on such a topic.

Quite embaressing for both parties involved really!

What are other people's thoughts?

verb3k3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Strange that Christians are hyper-sensitive. Muslims see their Mosques purposefully destroyed by invaders hundreds of times in COD4 and Socom and other propaganda games but they don't over-react, but when a slight fight with imaginary Aliens takes place in a church, the heads of Manchester Church threaten Sony to take serious action against it.
Wonder what will happen if someone sings the Bible in BG music.

Vegeth3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

so why muslims don t feel offended if in-game mosques are destroyed and feel offended for a song writed by a muslim 2 years ago?i don t think u can say that ppl who have faith in other religions are hyper-sensitive while u muslims take all so seriously about ur religion...please shut up.

jkhan3674d ago

I think the matter is blown out of proportion. Its not Muslim's fault that the game got delayed. Infact I still can't wrap my head around, why would Sony delay a game all together while the issue can simply be resolved with just one small patch & nobody would have noticed it. I am a Muslim and I have a very simple philosophy, you respect my religion, I respect yours. But blaming everything on Muslims is totally inadequate. Lastly on the topic of difference of opinion. Well everyone has different opinion and its his/her comprehension of his belief that counts. If the musician thinks that music helps him connect then its between him and his god. Let the matter put to rest please. The game only got delayed by a week or two, not for a year.

pixelsword3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I'm no expert, but I never read where the organizational structure of the Catholic church was in the bible, nor nuns, nor a so-called "pope". Peter (I think) was supposed to be the first according to their lore, but not only is that not written in the Bible, but Peter was married, and their priests were not supposed to be married. On top of that, Catholics use musical instruments in their services where the bible clearly states that YHWH is not to be worshiped with men's hands.

theKiller3674d ago

i agree with u in "I think the matter is blown out of proportion"
this thing got way too much attention,

i think that the best i idea is that, they should have sold the version with quran words to the people that have internet and should let them know that the other version is coming few days later!
and to those who dont have internet they should clearly state that the game have material that may offend muslims and its better to wait for few day for the quran free version!

if they did that then most probably the situation will be solved, but the safest way is to do what sony did and delay a few days!!
come on people!! u waited for a year and now u cant wait for 1 week?

ACTUALLY now the game is getting more hype and have more time for advertising than before, so its good it got delayed!!!


SolidAhmed3674d ago

But it's obvious that Shaykh Ibrahim have the upper hand in this matter since he is the muslim representative and specialist of these kind of matters not like the musician who is a completely have a different way of thinning and understanding.

My point is leave religious matters to whom is specialized of that matter.

callahan093674d ago

verb3k, I hate to break it to you, but I personally don't recall any mosques being destroyed in Call of Duty 4 or any other game I've played. Not only that, but none of the "middle-easterners" throughout the game were characteristized as Muslim in any way. Religion was left out of the game, and so were all specific details about anything along the lines of nationality or faith. It was just a generic war in a generic middle-eastern-like location. They made it so ON PURPOSE so as not to offend any specific groups.

leyego3674d ago

just like MGS4 middle eastern chapter
no muslims or people who look like arabs in that game whats so ever. i think theres a specific line which people can't cross. Add muslims and ull get bashed to high heaven, but adding arab culture and its fair game.
atleast thats how i feel on the matter. as long as relgion is no where in site and ur not making sterotypes everything from anywhere is game.

hay3674d ago

It's like Christian being pissed off by Christian Rock.

Armyless3674d ago

but you can find many awful, horrifying Christian based games and music available. They are terrible. The fact that you're not aware of them is something you should be glad of because they are just that bad...

However, I don't think the fringe Muslims are worried about the QUALITY of Muslim games and music...

spongeboob3674d ago

The album which the song is on has been out since 2006 and nobody has made any complaint about it until now. Can you say conspiracy theory kids?

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godmoney3674d ago

I don't think the same thing would have happened if the had quotes from the Old Testament or New Testament...

Mc Fadge3674d ago

It's almost heresy in some people's eyes for music to be mixed with the Koran. I guess it would be like showing Jesus making out with another man.... Or something >.>

SL1M DADDY3674d ago

Christians understand that what they believe will be made fun of and not taken seriously by all but Muslims feel that if you do not take it seriously then you are disrespectful and should be censored. People can deny it all they want but this event just proves my point.

SolidAhmed3674d ago

Simply that Muslims really care about their religion and religions of others too that's why we Muslims respect the holy bible and the holy tawrat (Sorry for the misspelling this name is what i only know with all respect) because we believe that god spoken through them.

these are fact and you could look it up.

Ironically Christians and Jews make fun of their books all the time,but Muslims do not make fun of any holy book....

SL1M DADDY3674d ago

Censorship under the banner of religion is wrong. Sorry, but to censor a game or any media simply for the sake of some extremist getting offended is just plain wrong. Wars have been fought over the freedom of speech… It’s just that important and forcing religion on others for the sake of an offence is pathetic.

VampHuntD3674d ago

Yeah that's why the church in resistance was such a big deal right?

No one likes the way their religion is treated in media. LBP was an example of crossing paths in religion. Some sects of Muslim say it's ok, others don't. Same way you'd find churches that allow open homosexuality and those that condemn it. The people behind it make that decision on how to interpret the words of religion and thus, the problem with religion.

That being said, Sony made the right move on this. Although it wasn't intended to be offensive, what if some kid who knows what it means (and yes that would have happened) ran to Mommy and Daddy about it. The game is E, that means for everyone, now everyone needs to quit whining about the delay and understand that while it may not have been offensive to you, it sure as heck could be to someone else.

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Crazywhitie3674d ago

I just hope this guy still get paid for the use of his Song...

thereapersson3674d ago

Who needs marketing? Pssh, just throw a Qu'ranic verse or two into your game and watch the attention level skyrocket...


solidt123674d ago

forget all this controversy. Don't let it get in the way of the fact that this is a awesome game all of this controversy is just that. "Little Big Planet 5/5 XPlay"

thereapersson3674d ago

I think that only fanatics like the people who reported this would have noticed this in the first place. I sure as hell wouldn't have realized what was going on...

UltimateIdiot9113674d ago

Seriously, I'm sure at least 90% of gamers wouldn't have notice or even understood that song while playing. I mean, if they put a song that I believe to be insulting to my belief/race/what not, I'll just lower the Music BGM volume and continue playing. I can't wait for this game, the new release date really lands in on a bad time for me. By the time I get to play, Valkyria Chronicle is out. I wish Sony would have just patch it.
I hope LBP do extremely well, so much potential.

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