Limbo Switch review - A really good puzzle/platformer that could have been even better - TGG

"Don't get me wrong now, because Playdead has indeed managed to make a really good puzzle/platformer with "Limbo" for the Switch. However, the game falls short on the interactive story telling front, and this is the reason why." - P Albert, TGG.

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TGG_overlord713d ago

@ziggurcat "give limbo a 7/10"
Since when was a 7/10 grade bad? Furthermore, I can't force people to change their reviews and opinions (Albert gave "Inside" a 4/5 grade for the Switch).

ziggurcat713d ago

Easy, there... Perhaps you’ve missed the context of my OP.

TGG_overlord712d ago

Well, I did read your comment at 2:00 in the morning :P Anyways, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a second OP for each review?