Why The Best Video Games Are The Ones That Make Men Cry

Tonya: "The outside of your childhood home house is dark, except for the dim flicker of a porch light. Inside, everything your family owns is packed into boxes, and all the remaining furniture is draped in ghostly sheets. But there is one sign of life — a handwritten note from your sister, Samantha, taped to the door, with the explicit instructions: “don't go digging around trying to find out where I am." But of course you’re going to go digging, that’s the whole point — to find things, to feel things, to piece together a story that is both familiar and new. As you control Katie, a college-aged woman and therefore the unlikely hero of the wildly popular video game, Gone Home, the only way to succeed is to see things from a different perspective. There may not be any monsters to battle in Gone Home, but there are certainly plenty of demons that must be confronted."

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79d ago
lptmg78d ago

Doom made me cry tears of manly joy

Nacho_Z77d ago

Gone Home was a really special game, one of the first I'd played like it and I soaked up every detail with fascination. Didn't make me cry although that's not to say it didn't have an effect on me because it did, one of those that after it's finished you just stare at the title screen in silence for a minute.

Nacho_Z77d ago

Not sure what everyone's disagreeing with. Did I not like it? Did it not have an emotional effect on me?

Gh05t77d ago

I know I am in the minority but, I miss the days where games were more about the mechanics and challenge and less about the story. I dont mind a good story, I just wish more games focused on playing the game rather then advancing a story. I guess that is just because I am a tabletop/card player turned video gamer. Not every game had to be Dungeons and Dragons with an elaborate story. Sometimes we just played some Blood Bowl, Risk, Chess, Monopoly, Poker and had a fun time.

TwinsUltra6477d ago

Nah, I'm sure the best games are the ones that are GAMES and not movies.