Worst games of 2018 so far

Shawn Farner: "We've elected not to dive into the massive amounts of shovelware out there. The games on this list are ones you've likely heard of, as they either come from teams that have done great work in the past, or from franchises that have received mostly favorable reviews. In a year that's already full of fantastic games, the ones we've listed here let us down, and we're calling them out."

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Joshua13138d ago

Oh come on, Little Witch Academia CoT isn't THAT bad. If anything, New Gundam Breaker and Agony should have been on the list.

FinalFantasyFanatic137d ago

I agree fully, I also don't think Secret of Mana was that bad for a straight 3D port of an old game, especially after the patches. God, I hate how New Gundam Breaker turned out, I wanted to play that game so badly with my friend, then I got my hands on the beta and realized it was kusoge.

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thatguyhayat137d ago

Whats wrong with little witch academia? Secret mana was ok. We never talk about metal gear survive. That name the game nd everything associated with it doesnt exist

DarkZane137d ago

Secret of Mana remake doesn't belong on that list.

chris235137d ago

yes it does. it‘s awful to play on ps4

Segata137d ago

I found it mediocre. Not awful. Just meh.

FinalFantasyFanatic137d ago

What's awful about it? People say they had alot of issues but I was fine, no crashes or anything, and the patches really fixed my major gripes. It was a straight 3D port of an old game, I was pretty happy with and really enjoyed it, but you can clearly see they didn't re-balance the gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.