LBP delay on national TV

TV2, a national TV station in Denmark talks with Gamereactor editor Thomas Blichfeldt about LBP. They also interview religionhistorian Tim Jensen about music and religion.

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GrieverSoul3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Was the best marketing move in history! If people see this as a hyped game that got delayed it will only increase curiosity and demand!

Maybe even get to other audience that didnt knew the game!

Hum.... I wonder...

Pennywise3647d ago

This game has been all over the news. You tell me what other game has been on the news like that. Last I can remember is Halo3 and MS paid MILLIONS to make that game in the mainstream. Sony got all this basically free...

PirateThom3647d ago

The only questionable thing is that while the US had Resistance 2 to go against Gears of War 2, in Europe, there was nothing... and lo and behold, now there's LittleBigMegaton.

As I said previously, I don't think it was premeditated, but I think it gave Sony a hell of an excuse to hold the game back a few weeks to combat the biggest game the 360 has this year with the biggest game the PS3 has full stop.

But I'm quite cynical.

Pennywise3647d ago

What are you cynical of? Im sure all aspects played a role in the delay. The song was enough of a reason to make it not so obvious. There had to be something beneficial for Sony. They did recall a bunch of blurays.

theKiller3647d ago

i agree, and that what i said in my past comments, that this move only created more hype to the game.

but at @1.1 i dont agree that it was free, they had to recall all the sent blue ray disks, which cost them some 100's of thousands i think!!

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Vitalogy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

this is a huge free global ads for LBP and SONY.

What i can't understand is, what's the big deal with this delay!? Is microsoft suffering with it for antecipation? That's right 360 fanboys, that's not a lie that MS do anything, including pay some tv networks just to make opening news and etc. isn't the first time and it will not be the last too.

Well, its working but, for only for LBP LOOOOL

3647d ago
Meus Renaissance3647d ago

It's only TV because people want to hate Islam

Raoh3647d ago

then again now LBP has a big fat "muslim" word attached to it...

there are numbnuts out there that think obama is muslim and have a strong dislike for the qu'ran

those people will start to the game will be removed from their local store shelves in the name of publicity for their politcal party or church

i'm starting to hate SCEE .............. a lot...........