Metroid Prime looks absolutely gorgeous in this incredible Unreal Engine 4 fan remake

YouTube’s ‘MilkyMax’ has shared a video, showing his fan remake of Metroid Prime in Unreal Engine 4. As MilkyMax claimed, this is a reimagining of the amazing atmosphere of the opening hours of Metroid Prime in Epic’s engine. And it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Eidolon108d ago

I know, but too bad it will take Nintendo 3 generations to reach these graphics.

super_bruno108d ago

looks alright by today's standards

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masterfox108d ago

Just to let you know this what should we be playing with a Metroid Prime Remake by now if not years ago if Nintendo would released a proper game console, is really disappointing how Nintendo is alienating lots of their IPs and missing incredible opportunities by releasing limited spec gaming devices such as the Switch.

Oh well in the end we have this skillful people that can show us how certain games can be stunning looking and how we can imagine how certain games could like just by only being up to current times or simply using available technology.

jagermaster619108d ago

I do enjoy the switch but I enjoy my Xbox one x better, it is annoying how Nintendo is getting a free pass for weak consoles. I will enjoy the switch when certain games I want to play come out.

Theknightofnights108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

It's not a "free pass" when people consistently criticize its hardware.

Sgt_Slaughter108d ago

"Proper game console" how did I know you'd bash Nintendo somehow?

Cobra951108d ago

Let me guess. Just a demo of something in early development, and it will never ever be complete. Now that everyone knows about it, even Nintendo, it will get C&D'd out of existence.

Am I close?

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The story is too old to be commented.