No Man's Sky Next Gameplay looks great at 1440p 60 FPS

Cg writes: Hello Games recently released its No Man’s Sky Next update on consoles and PC adding a ton of new features as well as a slight graphical overhaul including some rather nice clouds.

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DarkVoyager997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

Yet there’s still no 60fps option on PS4 Pro without forcing 1080p through the system settings. And still then it’s far from a locked 60fps. This looks buttery smooth.

dRanzer996d ago

You should check DF video.

DarkVoyager996d ago

The Digital Foundry video was before this update. The game can not hold anywhere near 60fps now. And yes I forced 1080p through the system settings.

Nicknasty996d ago

Oh comon, you people and your 60 fps nonsense. There is nothing wrong with 30 fps. I would take 30 fps with 4k any day over 60 fps. Stop nitpicking

Goldby996d ago

Oh comon, you people and your 4k nonsense. There is nothing wrong with lower resolution and higher frame rate.

I would take smoother gameplay over higher resolution any day.
Stop nitpicking

Sgt_Slaughter996d ago

Stop telling people their opinion isn't valid because it doesn't follow what you like. 60fps is ideal for many, many games and most PC gamers prefer that or even higher at 120fps.

We nitpick because the day every people becomes complacent, is the day games suffer.

IamTylerDurden1996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I actually enjoyed God of War better at 4K 30. I thought i'd prefer 1080 60 but i didn't. It really depends on the game, NMS is beautiful on Pro and other than a few stutters here and there the framerate is fine.

rainslacker995d ago

Honestly, my TV has pretty good upscaling that 1080 content is usually much crisper than what it'd be on a 1080 screen. 4k, with HDR, on UHD's, often looks better, but the differences can be marginal most of the time. In game, where I can switch between them to compare, I don't often notice a huge difference on the PS4P, and at work where I can test out my tools on X1X, I don't see a significant difference between the two resolutions....but again, we have some of the best monitors that money can buy.

As far as frame rate goes....I never notice a difference whenever I just play. The only time I pay attention is when I'm writing tools that require me to gauge frame rate, but it's usually the fps meter in our testing tools that makes me take notice when the frame rate drops. I usually only notice in actual game play when the frame rate varies too much too often, or when it drops below 30fps. 24 seems to be the magic point where it makes a difference, and that is because games don't employ motion blur so things can get choppy.

kevnb995d ago

@iamtylerdurden that’s because it’s not 60 FPS and the franepacing is all over the place when you select favor performance. It actually runs around 45 FPS.

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Kumakai996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

That’s why I play it on th one X now.

Nicknasty993d ago

@Sgt Slaughter
Why? Isn't that what you people are doing? You are allowed to have your opinion, even if it's invalid. You sound like a liberal.

Obscure_Observer996d ago

They´re running NMS on a GTX 1080Ti at Ultra settings! O.o

Hopefully the Xbox One X will be able run this game at high settings 1440p/60fps! :)

Larrysweet996d ago

Nope nowhere close to holding 60

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Sm00thNinja996d ago

Absolutely in love with this game again. Will tide me over nicely til Spiderman hits

bluefox755996d ago

Might reinstall it. I had the PS4 version at launch, but I decided to pick up the best version in a sale later on.

Father__Merrin996d ago

I thought it was pretty smooth on PS4 pro. Is there any enhancements in new update I've not jumped back on to test it yet

Goldby996d ago

Pretty much everything

Psychotica996d ago

I have been playing at 1440p on my PC and Ultrawide monitor, it's really pretty.

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