XeNonX Review: SOCOM: Confrontation

XeNonX's latest enlistee Giancarlo Feltrin has put his review up for the highly anticipated third person tactical shooter SOCOM: Confrontation. Although there was a lot of hype surrounding this game Mr. Feltrin seems less than impressed, yet optimistic.

From the review:
"This is the first SOCOM I've played, and I understand that graphics have never been the series' strongest suit. But honestly, this is simply not up to PS3 standards. It looks like it should be on the PS2. Textures of environments are nicely done but several screen and menu glitches as well as character clunkiness mar the game. Character customization is cartoony and movement is unrealistic."

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DoctorXpro3650d ago


look its a 7

everybody talking in features and bla bla bla -------> FLOP

killer_trap3650d ago

i never was a fan of the first game but seems like the ones who liked the first one won't be liking this one as much.