Videogamer: CoD: World at War Interview

Videogamer writes: "Call of Duty: World at War might not be out until November 14, but there are still thousands of you going at it right now in the multiplayer beta. At a recent preview event for the hotly anticipated game, impressions from which you can find here, we caught up with Treyarch's Noah Heller, World at War's senior producer, to discuss the developer's plans for the rest of the beta, how the game compares to Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare and why four-player co-op on Veteran will be the hardest CoD experience ever. Call of Duty 4 is massively popular on Xbox LIVE even a year after its release, and it would be fair to say that it's down to the competitive multiplayer. Does that then lead you guys to focus more on that side of things for this game or at least consider it of more importance than the single-player campaign?

Noah Heller: It's tough. The conventional wisdom has always been that there are single-player players and multiplayer players and the two don't really meet and you just build a game that keeps them both happy. That's gone away a little bit. With CoD4 more people than ever played multiplayer and with World at War because we're adding co-op we're expecting these guys who would never even touch multiplayer will start earning experience and will start going online for the first time, and pretty soon everyone is going to be playing online. That leads to a much greater focus for multiplayer."

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