Media Molecule Builds Dreamon's Souls in an Hour

There really aren’t enough superlatives left to describe Dreams anymore. It’s mind-boggling how powerful this tool is, but what’s most impressive is that even during creation, the release retains an element of playfulness.

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THC CELL85d ago

Very good, ya gunna see some crazy games on dreams spec in vr

fiveby985d ago

This game / creation tool is amazing. If only I were a more creative person. But I am looking forward to see what other talented people create in Dreams.

OrganicOrange85d ago

Reminds me of the amazing creations id always find in LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2 (didn’t really like 3 probs because it wasn’t developed by MediaMolecule) but just imagine the things people are going to create webs Dreams.

85d ago
b163o184d ago


Get you a scrap book and start dreaming "NoPunIntended" up worlds today....

starchild84d ago

Gonna be awesome to see which of my dreams I can bring to life in game form.

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rivaldoo77785d ago

I hope this is not the next No man's sky

THC CELL85d ago

Explaine to us how is that possible when a game like lbp sold waaaaay more than nms ya talking about a game creator here.
They just created a mini demon soul game in a hour, just think what people can do in a matter of days or weeks

Ya gunna see games like halo not same level of halo but just as fun or someone do a full version of p. T maybe half life and other crazy vr games

drizzom84d ago

No need to dogpile. Hes just saying he hopes its good is all.

UCForce85d ago

It’s Media Molecule and they have a long experience of making a good game.

PhantomS4285d ago

This is already far better than No Man's Sky

P_Bomb85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

NMS? You can see the tools in action during the video. What’s advertised will be available day one including VR

Project Spark had 50 paid DLCs a year after release and would cost over $100 in order to get all the tools and modes . DLC that became free right before the servers were killed, so sour grapes to anyone who actually put money into it.

MasterCornholio85d ago

That's terrible. I didn't know that they handled project spark so badly.

Ceaser985736185d ago

"I hope this is not the next No man's sky"
This game will certainly be better than Sea of Thieves for sure.

rainslacker84d ago what way? Two completely different games, with two completely different premises, promoted in completely different ways.

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sloth339585d ago

so its like Project Spark was

UCForce85d ago

You mean Little Big Planet.

markzzbr85d ago

No, he meant Project Spark.

UCForce85d ago

@markzzbr I know that. But Project Spark was inspired by LBP. The game is also made by the same team. This is Dream on steroids.

Segata85d ago

Well...LBP took inspiration from Mega Man Powered Up. MMPU did the idea first.

Tiqila85d ago

It's more like Unreal Engine with a lot of assets included and a playable fun user interface. I think it's genius.

Eonjay85d ago

Dreams' sound creation tool and the things you can tie to the audio is more complex than the entirety of Project Spark.

joab77784d ago (Edited 84d ago )

We kinda knew this was coming from them. After LBP, everyone wanted the ability to do more, to create anything they could “dream” of.

Seriously, though. We may see some legit games come out of this. I wonder how copyright will work? Some ppl spent years making things on LBP. Now, it is feasible that they might create that rpg they have always wanted to make etc. Is there any possibility that MM might create a store in which certifies games are able to be sold?

This would incentivize many who might otherwise go elsewhere to give Dreams a chance, and give us a platform for some unbelievable experiences.

MasterCornholio85d ago

Seems more complex than Project Spark in my opinion.

Wallstreet3785d ago

No like lBP tht inspired games like Spark and Mario Maker. Lets give the original credit where its due. And btw Project Spark doesnt look nearly as good or creative as this. This is LBP xs 100000

Segata85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

LBP was inspired by Mega Man Powered Up's creation mode.

AspiringProGenji84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

To my knowledge Mm has never cited that as inspiration. In reality LBP ended up as a user generated content game because Mm didn’t have enough budget to make the levels themselves, so they built the tools for the players so they make them themselves

If you want to state that LBP is not the only game where you can create, sure! But that doesn’t mean Mm was inspired by that game or mode. Never heard of it personally

Dark_Knightmare285d ago

One project spark was a poor mans lbp and two project spark couldn’t carry dreams jock strap on its best day

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Cmv3885d ago

I'm making a diablo style game.... not sure if that is possible, but I'll try.

TheVigilanteCode85d ago

Goddamn, this game is like little big planet and minecraft put together.

There are 2 possibilities, either this goes viral like fortnite/pubg and sony have got an IP as big as minecraft on their hands or no one bats an eye and moves on with their lives, sort of like how the little big planet games ended up.

This studio , let alone the game, is a very good investment by sony.

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