Retro fun with Baby Mario - Revisiting Yoshi's Island

"I recently had a great time finishing Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the Super NES Classic Edition so allow me to share my experience with this timeless 2D platformer." - Alex

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Moonman993d ago

It really is. I think it's a 2D masterpiece: 10.

crazyaejay993d ago

Agreed. Such happy vibes, too! :D

Einhander1971993d ago

Yes certainly a 2D masterpiece 😀

strayanalog993d ago

Some things never change. I went back through Yoshi's Island just the end of last year for the umpteenth time and it's still amazing.

PrimeVinister993d ago

Soundtrack is superb until is ruined by crying baby Mario :-D