Loot boxes to be removed from Forza Motorsport 7

Developer Turn 10 has announced that it will be removing Prize Crates - Forza Motorsport 7's version of loot boxes - from the game this coming winter.

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Jinger111d ago

Good for MS, should have been done long ago though.

UCForce111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Good, the loot boxes and MT in AAA games are just disgusting.

ClayRules2012111d ago

I agree. Disgusting and shouldn’t continue.

I wonder if any game developers, while playing other multiplayer games from other studios ever get annoyed when they come across MT’s in those games & day things like “I shouldn’t have to pay for this, no gamer should” yet they go back to work, applying MT’s into their games and defend the actions.

bolimekurac110d ago

forza 7 loot boxes didnt cost real world money

rainslacker110d ago


More often than not, that's the publishers call to add them or keep them out. The devs may implement them and not like it, but they aren't the one's paying for the production of the game 99% of the time.

Srhalo111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I'm not applauding Microsoft for anything, they were fully willing to put them in the game in the first place.

If your going to applaud anyone applaud the gamers who said no and rejected loot boxes. This title would be more accurate if it said "Microsoft reluctantly removes loot boxes." If they really didn't want loot boxes they wouldn't have put them in in the first place.

Obscure_Observer111d ago


Since Forza 7 you´ll not find lootboxes on any Xbox exclusive so i´m not sure why you´re telling Microsoft is all for it.

Srhalo110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


Yea because gamers rejected them not because Microsoft didn't want them. GT Sport came out within a few weeks on Forza and it never had loot boxes or MT's in fact it has had much better post launch support than Forza.

You shouldn't just blindly praise them.

King_Noctis110d ago


But GT Sport had very little content at launch and you had to be online just to save the game.

Let face it, both games had problems at launch.

bolimekurac110d ago

but they wherent for real world money.

Jinger110d ago

It's not like the loot boxes in Forza 7 could even be purchased with real world money...

conanlifts110d ago

So MS take a stand and remove them, while others keep them in place, yet they are still the villains? Give credit where it is due. If we complain about the bad things we should say well done about the good things. If we do not then they might just think why bother and keep doing the things we hate.

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Obscure_Observer111d ago

I´m glad they decide to remove it from Forza 7. Hopefully we´ll never see lootboxes on Xbox games again.

Kribwalker111d ago

these loot boxes were never sold for real money and were used for prizing which wasn’t so bad. If they were like many games out there (rocket league has to be one of the worst for paid loot boxes, you have to win loot boxes then have to buy a key to open them...i currently have 25+ loot boxes sitting there waiting) that do things like that it would have been a bigger issue. I remember arguing with people about the fact FM7s loot boxes were won with in game credits and was told that it was only a matter of time before they cost money. Well, i guess that time will never come.

Srhalo110d ago

That's only because of the backlash over loot boxes last holiday. The original plan was to monetize them Microsoft said as much. The only reason the game wasn't monetized to begin with was to deny reviewers the ability to review the monotization along with the game at launch, it wasn't a good will measure.

rainslacker110d ago

That doesn't even sound like loot boxes....just a random loot/prize thing that is available in a ton of games. If no money has to be spent on them, nor no money can be used to buy them(which is sometimes available even when in game), then I'm not sure why they would be bad at all.

I could probably use up all 4000 characters of any comment making a list of games that offer up random loot in such a fashion.

Sounds like something that people are commenting on a perceived notion here, rather than understanding that they are just named the same as what we generally don't like as gamers.

Scatpants110d ago

If they're not sold for real money then they don't count as loot boxes to me and instead is just the method it uses to unlock content.

NeoGamer232110d ago

Why? The loot boxes did not affect the overall game experience. I completely Finished Forza Motorsports 7 without purchasing a single loot box, and it took me less time than any other Forza Motorsports game.

Scatpants110d ago

They had intended to charge eventually but loot boxes became hugely unpopular.

NeoGamer232109d ago

Intention and doing for everything is a different story.

Every company comes up with plans to monetize their products more and more and every company is constantly adjusting those plans based on market reactions.

-Foxtrot110d ago

It's like Shadow of War

They only removed them because time had passed and they got what they wanted from them...removing them makes them look like are learning but really it's because they know there's not any point of them in an old title anymore

Kribwalker110d ago

what exactly did they get out of paid for with in and currency and not real money loot boxes?

-Foxtrot110d ago

It means more people will want to buy coins to spend on lootboxes to see if they have a good chance of getting something which would normally be at a higher price.

Buy some MTs, buy a Lootbox easier.

Kribwalker110d ago

but you were never able to use real money to buy items or anything in forza 7, so again i ask, what did they get out of this then get rid of?

Scatpants110d ago

I'm so happy to see a pushback against this kind of thing finally. When microtransactions and DLC first started people were just letting it happen. That's how we got to this sucky nickle and dimey place in videogames.

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lxeasy111d ago

Nice they are taking it out of Forza Horizon 4 as well

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Yi-Long111d ago

Good. Now if they'd only add Mount Fujimi Kaido, I'd pick it up...

Yi-Long110d ago

I couldn't care less about so many cars, if there aren't enough varied & fun tracks in the game to enjoy racing on.

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Team_Litt111d ago

Nobody believes you. You always have something to complain about. Too many DLC is another of your favorites

D3TH_D33LR111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

There is too much dlc though. Especially considering they’re not included in even the most expensive of packages

Team_Litt110d ago

The games already ship with up to 700 cars and free cars every month.

lxeasy110d ago

Yeah he does it all the time @team_litt.

rakentaja111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

My opinion about the loot boxes and how they should work in a racing game...
Only for cosmetic items, no boosters or hidden cars. Give me a shop instead (like Horizon 4 does) where I can buy all the costumes, accessories and such from the beginning of playing the game Maybe some unique paint jobs for my car (really high quality and complex). Unicorn (behind some sort of a wall) cars are ok up to more. I absolutely don't like how they present the cars in the shop...all the f*cking VIP, DLC, Season Pass and other loot box cars should be on the separate menu or area, where do I go if I want to specifically see these cars...not mixing with the rest of the available cars.. This is really annoying and needs to stop.

gamerqc111d ago

My opinion of loot boxes: they're not welcome anywhere.

Srhalo111d ago

Just sell things straight up. There is no need for a gambling system.

rakentaja111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Ok no loot boxes. All we need is a shop for all the items, special events and special points to buy all of this cosmetic thingy, credits only for the cars and tuning, exactly like FH4 does. Another currency would be necessary, as the money almost jumps itself into the pocket in a Forza game and then it would not be any more interesting.