Wal-Mart NOT recalling LittleBigPlanet, on shelves NOW

It seems that Wal-Mart and Target stores are either a little slow on the uptake or are not planning on complying with the LittleBigPlanet recall!


For those of you who may doubt the validity of this story, the author's PSN ID is DeltaP42. The tag already has LittleBigPlanet trophies on it, feel free to check them out!

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360degrees5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

who are eager to pick up their copy now....although the appeal of this game still eludes me...Im sure those who are into map creation and such will enjoy this title...I suppose Im more of a pick up and play type of gamer, who does not have hours upon hours of time to commit to "Making a Map on LBP" each their own I suppose

n4gzz5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

I pre-ordered and paid in full from best buy. Well, I am going to pick fable 2 and far cry 2 now. I can easily wait 1 week.
edit :: NOoooo I want LBP so bad. Its my most anticipated game ever. :(.

@360, That's what I thought too until I got into beta and my whole concept changed. It is a beautiful game that don't come very often. And guess what, I won't be making any map or level but still it beats other games easily.

Those people don't look like 10 yrs kids which is what some 360 so called gamer think, kiddie's game.

rhood0225222d ago

thats good that you're a "pick up and play type" because LBP boasts over 50 levels of single and multiplayer goodness right out of the box.

When you finish that THEN you can spend hours making levels.

rdgneoz35222d ago

The beta was fun. And as for "When you finish that THEN you can spend hours making levels", you can do that or play levels that other people spent hours making and enjoy that. It may take a while to perfect your creation, but it brings out the artistic side of people.

cyclindk5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Seriously, the game is SOOOOO much more...just imagine someone handing you a magic wand...okay, maybe not a wand per say, that's sort of gayish, but a magic chainsaw gun thing from Gears of War and with this magic chainsaw gun you could build ANYTHING you could imagine and watch what would happen if you let it all go about its business...what would happen if I strapped rocket engines to a motorized elephant attached to an inflatable box full of enormous golf balls set it on fire and just let it rip! Do whatever... any idea you've ever had or wondered about you can attempt here, within reason.

It's not just level building, it's build ANYTHING!!!

BWS19825222d ago

and allows so much replayability. To put icing on the cake, PSN allows us to share. And if anyone read the whole fine print of the new terms of use from Sony recently, I am seeing a lot between the lines that hints on Sony using user content for something of their own, possibly a best of collection down the road. The new User agreement talks a good bit about any content put on PSN as no longer being the sole property of the user, and Sony can claim it its own. Makes you think about Sony taking like the top 10 levels by next summer and releases a compilation of sorts, maybe...

KillaManiac5222d ago

Its good for some people...

My WalMart (3 stores I went to tonight) ALL said LBP AND Fable 2 were recalled....

Of course I know Fable 2 was wrong...(error in their system)...
So I walked out of all with NOTHING!!


popup5222d ago

So, this is not great news for you? You are not interested in playing it? You don't 'get it'? and you only think a few will be happy (you not being one of them).

No wonder you have no time to make maps(!), you are too busy posting messages about things that have no interest to you! Where next? A forum for ladies shoes?

For those that do 'get it' and did have the imagination to enjoy the huge Technical Lego playground in the Beta, this can only be good news!!

jamenees5221d ago

had the game in my hand, my heart was racing. Then I got the dreaded DO NOT SELL message. I can't blame wal mart, they are just doing their jobs but it sure was nice holding the game for a minute or two.

DaTruth5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

Holding mine now. Got it at Future Shop in Toronto. Now I'm going to play, won't be in N4G for a while. My advice is to try stores that aren't global chains. Can't post the photo so I made it my avatar. YA YA!!!!

lessthanmarcus5221d ago

I picked up my copy of LBP at Best Buy on Oct 16th

tatical5221d ago

I got my copy and went to GameStop. I showed them my copy of LBP and canceled my pre-order.


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morganfell5222d ago

Good for Walmart. Screw these bunch of radical dirtbags that want to kill someone over a video game.

I hope they lose a lot of sleep over this and come home to find their youngest son has run off to America to design video games, the daughter has run off with a guy that looks like Ritchie Cunningham so she can give birth to his infidel spawn and his wife is under the neighbor's goat getting something he can't give her,

elshimiablo5222d ago

Plus lBP is such a game that you dont feel like recalling

It killed Failable 2 --89% at n4g meta average (8 from most websites including IGN and even MS dicriders Lamespot)

LBP has an average of 96% at meta and 97% at n4g meta

caffman5222d ago

bubbles from elshimiablo for trying to start a flame war

robotnik5222d ago

Im sure Fable 2 is a great game and all, but cant be compared with the awesomeness that Little Big Planet® by Media Molecule is.

theKiller5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

ur comment maybe offensive to some people in the world but not in n4g, probably that why u got agrees!! the radicals wont kill someone for a game, they dont even know what is games that we now know of! i hope the american media didnt get into ur head about this so called war on terror or on muslim radicals, because its 90% not true!!

what u said is wrong, sony delayed the game because of fearing losing more money by law suits or by being forced to pull out the game after launch than by religious extreme acts!! sony cares for its image to the muslims and christian world because they make the most of their profits, they made a mistake with resistance with the chursh and they dont want to do it again with muslims now, i dont see wats the big fuzz is about!!

it got delayed only 1 week, ACTUALLY it better that it got delayed, because now its getting even more hype from this delayment and they have more time to advertise the game!! so its good for the game what happened, plus we waited 1 year and now we cant wait for 1 week?? thats just ridicules.

SpecialSauce5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

wtf morgan??? it deeply offended lots of Muslims. if you were tolled your whole life to honor an idea that tons of people died for you would be upset too. i dont see what the big deal is but if sony pulled the release date of a huge AAA game for them Sony must have realized something was wrong with this song. now i really am not sure how a song in a game like lbp can offend so many people BUT IT DID. there is absolutely no reason for you to make raciest hateful comments on Arabs just because your precious game got delayed. no one is killing anyone for this game tho it sounds like you are about to. holy shyt get a life. im only impressed that you didn't write a long paragraph kissin a video games console @ss for once. and how could everyone agree with him??? dont people realize that his comment is racist? OOOO but when an xbot makes a comment on PS3 people immediately report it. some people on this site are really fukin stupid or just extremely nerdy. i guess thats what i get for going on video game forums. damn morgan get some fuking friends.

BTW im not Muslim

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Imallvol75222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

LOL at the picture.

And 360 degrees, you should really play the game. I don't think anyone understands why its so great till you play it.

Mine gets here from tomorrow!!!

TheTimeDoctor5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

its not for everyone, just accept it. you people are like a damn cult. i played the beta and i'm in the same boat as 360. i don't want to make levels, especially with a cutesy build a bear looking character. i want trained brilliant developers to make games, not amateurs. 50 playable levels are a joke, there is no story and no real continuity.damn that muslim bastrd i want this game to come out so you people will get your fix and stop talking about it and trying to shove it down everyones throat. i can see why you people like this game, its completely unique, but why can't you people see why some people don't like it?

UnwanteDreamz5221d ago

They do what they do for the same reason you do what you do. They can't help it. While we are wondering about things that don't make sense maybe you could tell us all why you comment on a thread about a game you have no interest in. Boggles the mind huh?

drtysouf 215221d ago

from Game Tag formerly Game Crazy!!!!! But sadly I am at work till this evening................

Imallvol75221d ago

To each his own 4time2doctor0 . . .

All I said was PLAY first, cause you will not understand by simply watching.

You have a lot of pent up anger. You should check up on that.

And LOL at amateur game makers excuse . . . they just made your GOTY '08. Deal with it.

TheTimeDoctor5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

i comment because i can not escape this game. i also love my playstation just like i used to love nintendo and i don't want it to be corrupted by the casuals. there also wasn't an ounce of anger in my post. read it and don't respond emotionally.

calis5221d ago

You comment because you feel the need to pi$$ and moan.

You can simply not click on any LittleBigPlanet stories. It is not that hard to do.

TheTimeDoctor5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

i can click on whatever i want. i'm giving you a minority's opinion. i'm sorry it differs from yours, but deal with it and respond accurately with a speck of maturity. state your case of why its an incredible game, i have no problem with that, but remember my opinion isn't any more or less valid than yours. i feel this game has fostered too much one sided blind love and its not a road i want sony to go down, but that's just my opinion. its all about perspective.

Millah5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

Wow chill out the4timedoctor or whatever your name reason for you to be all uptight and opinionated. All he said was that a lot of people will need to get their hands on it first, because a lot of them will be surprised by it and fall in love. Chill the hell out, people like the game and you don't, get over yourself.

BWS19825221d ago

but for every time a platformer was played and you liked this or that type of level, for all the classic gaming from mario to megaman to contra to donkey kong country, the 2D platforming was how many of us grew up, and back then, that WAS hardcore gaming for the mostpart. The fact that I can now make a level in the format I grew up on, and the fact that I have a BFA in media arts & animation from an Art Institute means I've got a ton of background in this, and a lot of potential fun to be had. There's my opinion. I don't think this will harm Sony's rep or pull in too many casual gamers, if they keep making action and FPS games, then you'll just hear people moan about those being overload.

TheTimeDoctor5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

dude, the art institutes are a joke, i graduated from their audio program, seriously the worst decision I've ever made. anyone out there thinking of going to one of their schools, don't, or at the very least please look into going to a real college. and if you have a BFA in media arts & animation shouldn't you have access to better tools than the constant of little big planet. that would be like if i was making music with garage band. on another note, i know how the 360 people feel, if you offer any differing opinion your torn apart and its pretty hilarious. i think its a good game its just not for me, but the worlds not for me its for everyone. there is no reason to jump down my throat. grow up; life's full of differing opinions.

BWS19825220d ago

problem with the Art Institutes method of handling an issue with a single professor, but I have a different degree than you, and I also probably went to a different school. I have great things to say about it, and a few horrible things to say. But I'll say this: I DO have access to better tools than LBP, I'm not getting that game to work on industry material or anything. I'm getting it to have fun with on the side, if I use 3DS Max or Maya, it'd be a good bit more difficult to make a platforming level within 12 hours that is totally interactive and playable. And I'd also like to point out, in the animation industry, as well as the digital entertainment industry, the Art Institutes are held in very high regard, I have a Thai friend who went straight to ILM (Industrial Light & Magic, Lucas' digital house)in Cali after graduating. His name was Paul (forget to spell his last name, started with an N, and I don't want to butcher it)....and another named Mike Henry who went straight to being a concept artist in Cali also, making nice money. Some early members from High Voltage also went to my school. In most cases, it's seen as a prestigious school, but I will always knock how they handle conflicts, because they treated me like sh*t about a big issue I had.

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riksweeney5222d ago

I guess the only thing Sony can do now is issue a mandatory patch and hope that the people buying it play online.

Bob Dole5221d ago

Bob Dole's walmart said it has been recalled and they don't have a solid release date for it now. What a let down :(

DailyAddict5222d ago

So my question is: can Sony somehow punish gamers that they see are playing the game early since it's not suppose to be out yet? Or, for example, couldn't they just not activate the LBP online servers for the time being so you could only play on your PS3 until the 28th?

BWS19825222d ago

that would be assuming every gamer is notified of the issue, and clearly that can't be the case. You saw the game at the store, never heard of it, read the back and bought it, in this scenario, how could Sony come after the consumer, it'd be any retailer if there was an order to recall issued, that would suffer if at all.