Holy Smokes, No Man's Sky NEXT Looks Gorgeous in These 10 Screenshots

Twinfinite writes "Not that it was ever unappealing to behold, mind you, but NEXT really has taken the fidelity of its textures and the lushness of planetary fauna and flora to new levels of beauty. Here, we’re sharing some utterly gorgeous screenshots that demonstrate just how well No Man’s Sky translates the staggering artistry of space travel."

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basilboxer992d ago

Was always a good-looking game but now the detail is wayyy better.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence991d ago

Negative. When the game came out it looked like an acid trip of vomit.

uth11991d ago

i have a folder full of screenshots that say otherwise

hamzilla991d ago

Maybe if it came out on Xbox One first would it look like vomit... #TruthHurts #JustSayin

Takwin992d ago

It looks incredible. I wish it was on the Humble Monthly, but maybe it will be NEXT month.

uth11992d ago

these aren't even that special compared to othera I have seen

TheVigilanteCode991d ago

This is the actual time this game should have released.

DVAcme991d ago

Can anyone corroborate this: I installed the 1.51 update this morning (I have a vanilla PS4), and my framerate's gone to shit. Anyone else having this problem?

mkis007991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

lots of crashes when network is enabled too. also my freighter is in a ring..can barely see.

Cobra951991d ago

Update 1.52 fixes more crashes and high memory use (which can cause crashes). Got it on PC yesterday. I imagine PS4 will follow soon.

Redlife2g991d ago

Yes, I have a ps4 pro and the frames have taken a hit as well. And they seriously need to fix the clouds in this game for the Sony version, they look like complete ass when you get close up.

uth11991d ago

1.52 should be coming soon, it is already on Steam