Sony LED Bravia KDL-55XBR8 Reviewed: Best LCD TV Ever

The new Bravia R8 with a contrast ratio of 1000 000:1 has been voted as the Best LCD TV ever

"In case you haven't gotten enough of amazing TVs you can't possibly afford in this awesome economy today, Cnet has reviewed the 55-inch, plasma-killin' tri-color LED-backlit Bravia XBR8 we saw a couple months ago. Spoiler: Sony's setup didn't lie-it's the best LCD TV ever, falling just short of the best HDTV ever, nearly matching Pioneer's PDP-111FD (Cnet's best flat-panel period) in blacks, color accuracy and bright-room picture quality."

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elshimiablo3651d ago

yea thats right 1 MILLION :1

DaddyDC6503651d ago

You actually think that contrast ratio number is true? It's not anywhere near that. It's called marketing my friend.

FailStation33651d ago

Droids have believed far dumber things. 4D, anyone?

n4gzz3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

well, whatever. I am perfectly happy with my kdl 40 v4100. I have 26" vizio and 23" Olivia too which looks so crap against my kdl.

I wonder what's the retail of this 1 MILLION contrast TV.

Edit : Just goggled it. 7k for the TV. May be I will pick this up with PS4 or xbox3.

JsonHenry3651d ago

Meh. Just wait it out. The price will drop like a rock once OLED TVs start hitting the shelves.

whateva3651d ago

I'm looking for a 46" 1080P LCD for about $1200 that TV made me feel bad

UltimateIdiot9113651d ago

Don't worry, I'm sure it gave many of our wallets a heart attack.
I'm looking forward to Black Friday, I have a gut feeling that this year there will be good hdtv deals.

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The story is too old to be commented.