Miyamoto-san... It's all part of the plan right?

From the article:

You know, there comes a point in every Master of entertainment's life where somehow, even though they thought otherwise, the times have left them behind. Their ability to entertain has waned. Those who were at the cutting edge, the forefront of it all are all of a sudden, just... Old. However, even though he is in his mid fifties, and to some appears to have lost a step, Shigeru Miyamoto is still at the top of his game.

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N4g_null3676d ago

The only thing he got wrong in this articule was the nintendo fans being loyal. This is gaming we are only loyal to what we like. In fact I wanted to get a PS3 but that just wasn't powerful enough so I got a HD card from ati instead.

I don't think SONY has any idea what is about to come out pretty soon. I think nintendo was smart to choose not to fight for the HD crowd. Tech wise carts are faster and can be expanding to terabytes yet they are expensive. Suddenly SONY is pulling a nintendo with expensive media and other functions that make producing a game for them a bad idea.

Shigeru Miyamoto is so hardcore people just don't understand. We all want gaming to be as big in other peoples heart as it is in our own. Now if gaming is your escape then you may have bigger problems LOL. It's some thing you should want to share and get people into. Tech advancements will keep happening and PC will stay in the fore front for that.

I think people are still in shock of the unthinkable happening. 3rd parties making nintendo games incredible. Nintendo is in the lead this gen? Crazy!

Yet at the end of the day who cares we just want our games damn it! So there is only loyalty to that. Nintendo and sega both proved that.

TruthbeTold3676d ago

is more about loyalty to Nintendo and Miyamoto rather than being about refusal to enjoy other brands. You know what I mean?

N4g_null3676d ago

I see what you are saying but as a professional we all want to be that guy yet we are not loyal to him he is our competition LOL. Gamers will give certain people a chance because they are fans but loyalty means you are obligated to do some thing. Most people are not... which is why the GC lost last gen.