I found the most dismal No Man's Sky planet where absolutely no happiness is allowed

The only thing with color is the water. And it's brown.

UltraNova1894d ago

Thats the worst the author has seen? Dude hold my 🍺.

I've landed on a huge ringed (seems like all big planets have rings now?) blue planet, wait for it, with no plants, no water, no canyons, no mountains or high-rises whatsoever and it looked like it didn't have an atmosphere too. Think the Moon but in blue and 10000 bigger. God it was depressive...but the night sky was damb sexy at least.

Lynx02071894d ago

Is this popping out (0:26-029) normal in this game?

1894d ago
McGamer1894d ago

lol, here comes the NMS trolls.

PaulFiend1894d ago

The games crashes all the time on my ps4 pro since the "next" update. =\

ClayRules20121894d ago

Darn, that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that.

fiveby91894d ago

patch 1.51 out on PS4 now. Also patch 1.52 should be out on PS4 very soon too. Lots of bug fixes.