Gamertell Review: Combat Arms for PC

Gamertell has posted a fairly positive review of Combat Arms for PC.

From the review:

"Free online games tend to have a negative stigma attached to them for being underdeveloped lumps of coal that scare people off after playing it once. I'm happy to say that Combat Arms is a huge exception to this rule.

This-fast paced FPS is shining example of how a game doesn't need to cost $60 in exchange for hours for great gameplay...

Combat Arms is a really fun online FPS with enough customization and RPG elements to keep the game engaging for a long time. The weapon switching functions are a bit wonky on a normal keyboard and mouse set up and most attention will be kept on your primary weapon. Those distractions aside, you won't be disappointed with Combat Arms overall. It's like a free solution to twitchy trigger finger syndrome."

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