Gears of War 2 Possibly Not Hitting Japan

"Early in September, Microsoft held a media briefing in Tokyo where they outlined goals for the 360 in Japan, announcing price cuts and showing off a number of games. From what we're piecing together, however, it seems like Gears of War 2 won't be one of those games releasing in Japan"

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3652d ago

Years of Snore 2 no Japan release,excellent news

Snukadaman_3651d ago

Your existence consists of typing a couple of dumb words first before everyone else....thank god you dont know real woman and wont be able to pro-create.

360degrees3651d ago

WOW ....all of that expert investigating and hours upon hours of work discovering the truth is really paying off.......Truly pathetic article and not even deserved of a second yes Gears of War 2 the second highest rated IP (Second to only Halo) on the Xbox360 and they will simply not release it in Japan?..yes because Microsoft would absolutely not like to make profits off this game and doesnt want to finish off Sony once and for all in Japan....yeah thats it

n4gzz3651d ago

If you think gears2 will finish sony in japan than you must be .......Japan is Jrpg land.

kindi_boy3651d ago

why is this a big deal if someone wants something they gonna get it

Kleptic3651d ago

finish off Sony in Japan?'ve been reading Xboxkings, again haven't you? should be ashamed of yourself...

I agree though...its probably a misinterpretation somewhere...some western action games are starting to impact Japan a little better than before...especially considering this major drought of good Jrpg's (maybe WKS will fix that)...we'll see though...

Emmo3651d ago

More likely is that, it is going to take time to convert the game for the region.

theEnemy3651d ago

This year's 360's best and much awaited game will not hit the growing fanbase of the 360 in Japan?

Very doubtful.

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The story is too old to be commented.