35 Motorstorm Pacific Rift Screens

ButtonMasher writes: Given that the pictures I used for the Motorstorm Pacific Rift review (link) solely comprised of pictures of me crashing ,I felt I better put up some more screenshots from the game. All of these are taken using the in game picture option accessible via the pause menu.

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360degrees3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

and this sequel of Motorstorm Pacific Rift(demo)...and have come to the conclusion that these games are somewhat lacking in the graphics department as everything from the foliage, to the vehicle modeling seems to be a little sub-par.....I suppose I was expecting too much from all of the positive I had previously heard on this series....I suppose they cant all be AAA

PoSTedUP3650d ago

really? i think your full of **** : )

Mc Fadge3650d ago

Is not accurate of the final product, which is a lot more impressive. I suggest you rent it to get an idea <3