Where will Resident Evil go after the RE2 remake?

"There is a big question now that we know the re-imagining of Resident Evil 2 is real and ready to be released very soon. What will happen with the franchise next? " -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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naruga110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

ok you write that just to troll/enrage all the RE fans ?? huh ? ...i would like to return and remaster again RE1 without including at all the lame Lisa trevor idiotic plot ...or else to remake properly the RE3 (without offcourse making Jill uglier than Nemesis Capcom continues to destroy its characters

109d ago
Profchaos109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

How many times do we have to go back and remaster re1 every attempt just feels bad compared to the actual original

Directors edition started the trend as far back as the psx to gsmecube to recently

I would actually really like a re 3 remake.

Shinox109d ago


Stop calling yourself a "fan" and associate yourself with RE community as if you represent something , you are not a fan and neither is the newcomers loud casuals who liked RE7 , you are just an outsider redneck casual fake fan who finds himself suddenly hooked into gimmicks and trying to shove that crap on our throats because of RE7 .. you the loud casuals are the reasons why Japanese Videogames are getting whitewashed and starting to lose its charm , you will never find happiness in videogames once its too late to fix what has been damaged in the Japanese industry and i can assure you 100% that you will regret the day that you defend that crap either now or later , why should i even bother giving wake up calls to these up people .. i'll let you derps figure it out by yourself when the time pass .

Profchaos109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I'd consider myself a re fan I've played every entry down to the gcon45 resident evil games on ps1.

But you can't truly comment on re7 vr until you've experienced it and it sounds like you haven't

Resident evil throughout the years has trailed so many game types and modes including online co op as far back as the ps2, motion controls, gun controls and now vr.

If you're die-hard over the shoulder crowd was legitimately upset well you should have brought the over the shoulder games re6 for example sold well under expectations so the shift to first person was made and it sold like hot cakes.

Shinox109d ago

Do you understand that i LOATH both OTS and FPS crap , i still to this day stand against the both of them since the mistakes called Dead Aim and Gun Survivor 2 ( i enjoyed Survivor 1 ) , if you are aware that i hate both of those perspectives you do know where i'm coming from .. it doesn't even need explaining .. I 👏 AM 👏 INTO 👏 CLASSIC 👏 STYLE , do you understand now where i'm coming from bobo ? .. end of story and FYI i hated every single second that i wasted on that whitewashed crap , now i need something different to wash that bad taste away

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nommers110d ago

Definitely 3. They have to finish the trifecta of old school RE games on the original PlayStation as remakes now.

Bahamut110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Probably RE3. They'd be smart to re-tread the story, make it more engaging and lose their way a little less. Focus more on the horror, less on the co-op shooter stuff (RE5 was OK at best). It's nice to see them try to figure out what went wrong with the series and how they should fix it.

I wish Konami would do that for Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Suikoden. But that's a conversation for a different day.

Shmeidi110d ago

I agree. I was disappointed when the RE series moved more away from the creepy horror games they started with and moved to more of a shooter. I'd love to see them resume with the original horror spirit of the beginning games.

Blu3_Berry110d ago

I think after RE2, they may go in the order of Resident Evil Revelations 3>Resident Evil 8> then maybe RE3 remake. At least, that's what I think if I look at their history of RE games.

thatguyhayat110d ago

Didnt they say they were thinking to do number 3 next?

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