Hori’s Switch-enhanced GameCube controllers are coming just in time for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Is this the ultimate Smash controller?

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chris23583d ago

indeed a very ugly design

iofhua82d ago

IMO the gamecube controller is the best controller Nintendo has ever made. It's your standard twin stick controller, great for FPS and everything else. My one gripe is the C-stick has a lousy grip. I would get analog stick replacements and replace the C-stick with a second gray analog stick.

I'm excited about these, because you can use them for both Switch and PC. They also have 4 shoulder buttons, instead of 2 shoulder buttons and a Z-button like the actual gamecube controller had, which makes them more useful.

Plus it has turbo. IMO it's an awesome value for $30. There is no USA release yet, but you can get them at Play-Asia.