Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Was Fundamentally Better Than Breath of the Wild

Brandon Bui, Editor-in-Chief of Gamer Professionals, and a staunch Breath of the Wild defender, eats his words and finds a new favorite game in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, taking the place as his 2017 Game of the Year. Here is his detailed analysis comparing the two games.

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MichaelPyre1886d ago

I never clicked approved button with more mixed feelings. Amazing article overall but I love BOTW sooooo much!!! But you do have a point.

n1kki61886d ago

Breath of the wild wasnt a good game. Remove link and replace him with a unknown character and people would hate the game claiming its a ubisoft clone with a cooking gimmick that adds nothing to an already thin experience with no narrative.

Nu1886d ago

If it was developed by any other developer it would've been praised as a uniquely designed experience in gaming. The physics are pretty interesting and fun to play with

JEECE1886d ago

This is an exaggeration. You are correct that it being a Zelda game gave it a major boost, but it's still good aside from that. If you took Link out, as you say, review scores would have probably dropped 1-1.5 points on a 10-point scale, but it isn't like the game would have been terrible.

Concertoine1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

To an extent i agree, but BotW has a mystique to it that is so much better than a ubisoft game. If it was just the towers and the seeds and the shrines then yeah, itd be pretty ubisoft-esque in design.

The maiden statue, lost temple, the dragons, Tarry town, my first fairy or my first time seeing the weird fluroscent mountain. Those moments really stuck with me and the game has more mystery to it in that way. I remember discovering the jungle town for the first time after seeing it on the map and thinking “hmm, that looks town-ish”.

Ive just never really felt that sense of discovery much in recent games. There were certainly areas where the game felt lacking, but i cant wait to see whats next and this is coming from someone who hadnt liked a Zelda game since Majora.

TheFirstClassic1886d ago

I have felt that most zelda games in the past were very overrated but botw is just an insanely good game.

Gemmol1886d ago

Did you miss when different developers come out and praise the game for what it do

If they love the game so much and they also gave the award to the game and the developer award where developers vote for the game.......what makes you think your response hold any weight

1886d ago
Dark-soul1886d ago

i never played any zelda game, first time ever bought nintendo switch and bow was one of the best games i played in my life and i started gaming from 8 bits.
so you are wrong saying its becouse of link

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grogue1886d ago

I've been a staunch defender of Breath of the wild as well, but this game just had a lot more emotional resonance behind it.

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PhantomS421886d ago

They are two vastly different games...both are great though.

Jinger1886d ago

Eh, I stopped with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I loved the first and Chronicles X... something about 2 felt off to me.

1886d ago
CDbiggen1886d ago

Same here, but I keep getting told it picks up and gets better, but I stopped playing after 2 or 3 hours and haven't played since.
Normally slow starts don't stop me, I just didn't like anything I was seeing.

Jinger1886d ago

I made it through a good chunk, I just got tired of it. I'll probably go back and much through to see the end, but right now I don't have any desire

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Everything in Tears of the Kingdom is Temporary, and it’s Annoying

Shaz from GL writes: “Tears of the Kingdom retreads many of the same waters as Breath of the wild, taking away much of its magic and outlining its many frustrating elements”

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closed_account62d ago

Wow, I had no idea creations start disappearing like that. I haven't played yet and the building of machines seemed pretty awesome.. but if they get destroyed after a short period of time, what's the point? I would want to keep my favorite creations across the entirety of my adventure. :\

I sure hope they rework this on the next console after Switch. I'm actually surprised this didn't lower some of the 10/10 scores.

phoenixwing62d ago

the rabid nintendo fans would probably have sent death threats if it got lowered