FIFA's Matt Prior on Loot Box Controversy: "Tarred with the One Brush"

FIFA's Matt Prior: "There is a blanket approach to how people react to MTX (microtransactions) even though they are all very different and FUT ends up in the same breath as those which are blatantly pay-to-win. We end up being tarred with the one brush when you are talking across the whole board."

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ChristianReggieWait180d ago

Asking as their are genuine ways to attain paid for content in game I'm cool with it. Pay walls however are not cool, aesthetics aren't an issue for me either!

XiNatsuDragnel180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

C'mon broski you should clearly know that EA is to p2w your soccer games.

Lootboxes = not cool.

lociefer180d ago

At this point fifa should be f2p

RabbitFly180d ago

Well he is right in the fact that the current reactionary outrage towards microtransactions paints pretty much everything with one brush. I am just not so sure Fifa Ultimate Team deserves to be part of the exception. It is arguably one of the beacons witin the industry, when it comes to profits. It is arguably the example that has forced many developers to adopt some sort of random element microtransaction.

I do think a discussion can be had about the potential value of a loot box though. People are quick to point out the gambling aspect and the anti consumerism that comes out of not being able to purchase what you want.

In the process however, random elements are of themselves being thrown out with the bathwater. Gambling or not, random elements is an important part of creating excitement within game design.

Pokemon and Magic: The gathering might be hawkish in their monetization models (the equivilance of real world loot boxes). Playing on the excitement one gets when one opens a new pack of cards. Yet that feeling itself is not the issue and one should be concious of how it is obtained and how it is a feeling that will be hard to generate in the climate we might be looking forward to.

XiNatsuDragnel179d ago

But pokemon and magic aren't equalvent it's spinning, something flashy opening that promotes a certain feeling of GAMBLING. Plus you owned those in rl rather than the fear of losing them.

RabbitFly178d ago

People that try to excuse Trading card games as not being the equivilant of loot boxes are people that do not understand their own stance.

They are the same thing. Anyone that wants to pretend otherwise, must have jumped on to the bandwagon without actually thinking about what that means.

There is no way you can make the argument that digital loot boxes is more like gambling than trading card games. It is the opposite way.

When you buy packs in a trading card game. You have a chance of gaining something with real world value. The most expensive magic cards sell for up to $20 000.

Now this is also true for some loot boxes where you can trade the digital assets. Like CS:GO, however not true for most loot boxes that only give account unlocks that are cosmetic.

Both markets themselves to kids as well.

I am not personally so against loot boxes and the purchase of someting featuring random elements. But if we as a soceity and a consumer class is going to go there. We cannot do so with such a clear cut double standard. So get your priorities straight.

Either you are against the purchase of something with random elements or you are not. Because don't come here arguing that something which actually worth something, somehow makes it less like gambling.

Because, nothing could be further from the truth.

XiNatsuDragnel178d ago


Sadly you don't understand kids aren't going to get addict and willing to spend thousands of dollars to do it on cards, since either A) it's harder because of distance and likely to get caught B) If this was popular instead of lootboxes it won't happen because they clearly tell you what you're getting which it's good. Lootboxes doesn't that clarification and tries to special FX effects to make you feel good about do it. While, magic/pokemon in irl don't have that music to encourage them to go further. While, I do agree the concept is the exact simple, and way they excute it is completely different.