PS3 Fanboy: FreeRealms Impressions

Sony Online Entertainment has promised a number of MMO games that will appear on PC and PS3. However, none of them have come to fruition quite yet. The most likely candidate for release appears to be FreeRealms, SOE's innovative MMO game. The game is almost reaching beta on the PC, and from what PS3 Fanboy has seen so far, it's shaping up to be a fun way for casual gamers to jump online into a safe online world. Best of all, FreeRealms' big gimmick: it's free.

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sinncross3747d ago

sounds kinda fun... good thing its free and that its appealing to a younger audience (the audience the PS3 needs)

Kain813747d ago

but could not run it, cause i dont understand Japanese T.T
i hope the us or EU-version will come soon