PSX Extreme: Saints Row 2 Review

When the original Saints Row launched on the Xbox 360 back in 2006, it was the first next-gen attempt at a Grand Theft Auto-style adventure. Most critics and gamers found the title to be a solid and entertaining game with plenty of attitude and flash, although this year, Grand Theft Auto IV clearly reset the bar. Hence, Saints Row 2 faces supremely stiff competition – despite the fact its almost six months removed from GTAIV's release – and in all honesty, it's more difficult to compare the two than initially expected. What you're looking at in this highly anticipated sequel is a game that emphasizes chaos and completely unrestrained criminal acts, which in turn creates a production that feels more cartoon-y and arcade-y than GTAIV. Now, this distinct difference may appeal to those who felt constrained by the more authentic feel of Rockstar's gem, but Volition falters a bit when it comes to solidifying sound technicals and controls. Saints Row 2 is certainly fun, but in other ways, PSX Extreme found it somewhat disappointing.

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