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"It's hard not to get sucked into Fable II. The world is so charming and your choices so profound, that it's easy to look past the game's shortcomings. The punishment for death is pointless and the story carries little weight, but the experience is still immensely rewarding. It's easy to lose hours to trivial tasks, and discovering all the secrets tucked away creates a truly memorable adventure. The new ideas presented here may not change the future of gaming, but there are some noteworthy additions that make this feel completely unique. Your emotional attachment to your virtual dog will be real, making you reliant upon his companionship as you trek through these lands. In a game about choices, the wisest one you can make is to play the game. After spending a few hours in Albion, you won't want to do anything else"

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

In English=Flop

In French=Flop

In Spanish=Flop

In Dutch=Flop

In Italian=Flop

In Japanese=失敗

In Arabic=الفشل

----------------------------- ------------------------------

Fable II is a Flop.

Nintendo Rep3649d ago

Lots of time on your hands... I suggest getting some lubricant of some kind and chill out. Call your girlfriend over if you have one and let the night unfold.

Kuest3649d ago

Excellent, Nintendo. Two quick jabs should do the trick. Stay on your feet, yes good. Now STRIKE.

Keele3649d ago

A girlfriend? Are you kidding? He probably doesn't even have friends.

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Please,feel free to cry below this comment

Narutone663649d ago

Still a good score, not as high as LBP, but still a good score.

Lolliflop Lolliflop 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Do you get upset knowing that Failble II is a flop?Knowing that it scored less than MGS4 and LBP on all credible gaming websites?

Lolliflop Lolliflop 3649d ago

Don't hate me just because Failble II is a flop,hate me because every time you see my comment know that I'm always smiling.

Like so : )

Skyreno3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

FLOP!!!!!!! 1 ^^