Every Upcoming Souls-like Game Dark Souls Fans Should Have on Their Radar

Twinfinite writes "With Dark Souls now no more, we'll have to turn our attention elsewhere for that addictive gameplay loop. Here's every upcoming game in the mold of FromSoftware's iconic series that Souls-like fans should definitely keep on their radar."

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basilboxer88d ago

Death Gambit is also one to watch, but this list is otherwise pretty useful.

solideagle87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Dark Souls is too depressing for me, I finished demon souls and dark souls 1 but for some reason, I am really liking Nioh. maybe it's fast-paced or easier? not sure what it is but I am looking forward to Nioh 2

camel_toad86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Maybe you just like the setting more? The setting though (just compared to the souls' setting) and lack of enemy variety is what weakened Nioh for me towards the end, plus the replaying of the same areas for new rewards. I did however LOVE Nioh right up until I hit that certain point.

camel_toad86d ago

Thanks for bringing to my attention Death's Gambit. Hadn't heard of it and it looks good. Dark Souls meets Castlevania.

Sam Fisher87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Just looking forward for sekiro, i dont like nioh's non coop till you beat the stage. Im always playing with my friends.

CrimsonWing6987d ago

I’m not sure if we’re talking something different but I’ve been co-oping most of Nioh and I’m new to the game.

iDadio87d ago

I think you can summon help regardless but you can’t be summoned to a level or mission you havnt already beaten?

Could be wrong because I played it solo all way to the platinum but that’s what I assumed was the system.

Silly gameAr87d ago

You can co-op in Niho as long as you have ochoko cups.

Greg280186d ago

Co op makes souls like games to easy. I always play co op on my 2nd playtrough.

And btw Sekiro has no multiplayer. Its a single player only game

PeteyMcPickle87d ago

Sekiro is being made by from software.

That does not make sekiro a "souls-like".

Shmeidi87d ago

I agree, but it still does appear fairly "souls-like" from the little we've seen so far.

RabbitFly87d ago

I don't agree. I think people see From Software's animation style and instantly expect souls-like.

It looks a lot more like an action adventure/beat em up game. The traversal mechanics with the claw. The predetermined character. The undying system, which sounds like the opposite of a souls-like.

Hey I could be wrong, but I think people want it to be a souls-like because it is from software and are reading too much into it.

87d ago
adamllewellynTLG87d ago

Sekiro really doesn't count as Souls like. It's an action adventure game, not an action RPG for a start. We can't just call everything From Software make or every game with deliberative, third person combat a souls like for the sake of it.

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