Nintendo to ROM sites: Forget cease-and-desist, now we’re suing

Nintendo seeks $150K per "each copyrighted work" hosted at two sites.

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XxINFERNUSxX2149d ago

Out of spite I should make a torrent of all my thousands of ROMs, and upload them to some torrent sites, and whoever on here wants the link, you got it ^_^ Oh Nintendo your so funny, take down all the ROM sites but you forget about the thousands of torrent sites hosting all your ROMs., dumb asses LOL haha.

Kumakai2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

go for it. i'll wait for them to kim dot com you.

i'll just leave this here:


TheUndertaker852149d ago

You are aware that non-extradition countries do exist, correct? Countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the United States?

King_Noctis2149d ago

Who knows? Maybe this is the first step. If they are deadset on cracking piracy, they won’t stop there.

JD_Shadow2149d ago

The only thing is that this is not "piracy". Piracy involves the exchange of a single copy from one person to another without permission. The copies on the servers stay on the servers when someone downloads them. It's instead copied. That would mean that they would need to go the copyright infringement route, which has more grey area to go through such as the availability of such titles legally on the market (there are other factors, but that's the main one I can think of off the top of my head). Piracy is more of the buzz word that a lot of people know the meaning of, but don't realize when it should apply. I don't get why Nintendo keeps trying to go this route with things, too. They HATE YouTube for whatever reason and will not even reason with YouTubers wanting to play their games on their channels (Twitch to them is okay), and now they do this. It's like they are TRYING to create drama for themselves. Maybe because they know they won't get a blink from those that love their products, and they have great games to play on the Switch that people will buy the system. They don't even HAVE to do this! If they would just bring out a Switch VC already, this wouldn't even be necessary because people would be using the VC instead.

Again, I don't get this.

NotoriousWhiz2149d ago

@JDShadow, piracy is the illegal distribution of copyright material.

KaaF2149d ago

There's already complete rom dump sets of all the small systems for years, GoodGen, GoodNES, GoodSNES, No-Intro sets and more. Nintendo is just stupid company run by dinosaurs who think it's still the 80s. After all, they are the ones who didn't want people to post even gameplay on youtube.

XxINFERNUSxX2149d ago

Exactly those are all the sets I have as well on my Raspberry Pi :D and then some.

XxINFERNUSxX2149d ago

The real issue is torrent sites, not bullshit websites Nintendo goes after. The only real way to stop it (like it's even possible LOL) is to block all torrent sites in the US (VPN fixes that) which won't happen. Once one goes down so many pop up. It's really a losing battle for any company, but for me I win :D I'm done downloading ROMs because I have every single one for every console, up until the Dreamcast. Don't feel like Wii/GC to much space and I would need more harddrives. I can get anything digital I want, Netflix, movies, music, etc, etc torrents or my new fav https://www.newshosting.com...

Psychotica2149d ago

Yeah I am sure they forgot about torrent sites..

XxINFERNUSxX2149d ago

They are not going to bother with any torrent sites. I would say a good 10yrs + all Nintendo ROMs have been up and ready to download. Good luck with Nintendo trying to take down RARBG or look at the Pirate Bay, since 2003 and still up lol

Psychotica2149d ago

I agree, but they didn’t forget about them

Razzer2149d ago

Torrent sites don't actually host content so harder from a legal standpoint. These rom sites though.....frankly, I'm surprised they have lasted this long.

2149d ago
chris2352149d ago

what does anybody expect? they are already showing utter incompetence with their out of touch business model. how does anyone expect them to become suddenly so bright to focus on important things. but they need to resell these ancient roms to their brand loyals each gen anew. so let‘s go out and fight windmills. way to go, non contender.

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Kavorklestein2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I think it should be a max, 1 million dollar fine.

Not 150k per title.

Everyone I know thought this was totally fine if you already owned the Physical Copy or on some weird level.

CDbiggen2149d ago

This only makes me want to download the roms more 🤔
There'll always be somewhere to get them from.

inxine2149d ago

from a business side.. i kinda get it, BUT if i stopped selling my old games, digitally and physical, how else are people able to enjoy many of the classics? im sick of nintendo only releasing mario games on their store, theres much more than just fking mario. i for one understand how its illegal to dow load and play them ROMs but nintendo or any other gaming company dont make the effort to give us the joy to play alot of them. screw nintendo

Master of Unlocking2148d ago

It's not like they're going to re-release all of the NES and SNES anyway. You'll have to wait a couple years for the first 3 Super Mario Bros games to appear with difficulty on the online store, and then 6 more months for the Legend of Zelda to show its head, then 6 more months for Metroid, etc. You wanna play Snake Rattle 'n Roll? Bayou Billy? Kickle Cubicle? Rollergames? Good luck with that. You'll have grown a yard-long beard long before that ever happens. Just take a look at the content on Nintendo's online store, it's like a grocery store during the heydays of the USSR...

lociefer2149d ago

First youtube now this ? Dang ninty you blow sometimes, but you make good games ill give you that

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GameGeeked5d ago

Console wars, and possibly handheld wars, may seem silly, but they persist because there will always be passionate fan.

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Passionate is one thing. But fans went full retard

Cacabunga3d ago


You need some kind of plastic box to play them games.. and people tend to choose the best one. Console wars allows games and consoles to reach new heights.

S2Killinit4d ago

You really don't get to speak. Come on.

Ironmike4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

S2killinit u just as bad

InUrFoxHole3d ago

We're all naughty here