Cliff Bleszinski Tells All

"Call him Cliffy B, call him Dude Huge, or call him Mr. Bleszinski, he has something to say and he want you to hear it. So read on as we discuss everything from the secrets of great game design to the Gears of War movie, chat about the Xbox 720, the PS3, Gears of War 3, Marcus Fenix starring in a platform game and even discover what weapon he uses to pick up chick!" - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3747d ago

why do you think it is lame. Good read whether you like the guy or not.

Deadman643747d ago

scores wont matter when gears 2 outsells LBP and R2 combined.

thebudgetgamer3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

even thogh he sometimes talks out his backside he makes games for gamers and listens to them when their is a problem

also his games are kick a$$

Harri44443747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

yes his industry can make great games, but he has NO social skills. he really needs someone other than himself to come up with his lines.

Lyan3747d ago

Harri4444, you think "Dude Huge" is bad? Check out some of the developer diaries of other games and their development team. CB may seem like a douche to some people, but his ability to communicate in a social environment is far ahead of many other people in the game industry, who practically live under a rock so they can make games for kidults.

Harri44443747d ago

i just think he would do better if he had some one to wright his lines for him.
sorry if i hurt anyone feelings.

outlawlife3747d ago

cliff is a smart guy and hes damn good at what he does

he gets a lot of flack but he is just being himself and doing his job and I can't really knock the guy for that

i know if i were in his shoes i'd be doing exactly what he is doing, he is just promoting his product and himself because that is what you have to do in the game industry

i give credit where credit is due and cliff deserves credit not just for gears but a lot of the stuff he has done with epic, he helped build that company and one can argue that without his ideas and influx they wouldn't quite be where they are right now

EL MAESTRO3746d ago

I like Gears and I will get Gears 2. But whoever read all 6 or 8 pgs this article was, all of you are TURBO NERDS...LOL...get a life job or something. I hardly post but is funny to read all you TURBO NERDS post on which counsel is better or whatever other crap you idiots talk about. As I read this I actually see that I have a life and I care about other things than 360 or ps3. Thank you TURBO NERDS i knew you were good for something...

TheDude2dot03746d ago

Says the one calling other people "Turbo Nerds".

But since you said you "rarely go on here" that has to mean that you're not a geek yourself right?

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SlappingOysters3747d ago

No PC coming, but it could work on PS3. I wonder what the details of the exclusive are. Like, will after three years of something, Epic Games be able to what they want with the Gears games?

giovonni3747d ago

But the funny thing about it is, Sony Loyalist, feel this game is sooooo over rated. So,even if it did come to PS3 in the future. watch how quick their opinion will change about the game.

SlappingOysters3747d ago

although I would that the N4G fanboy heavy community is not representative of the wider broader opinion... or even close. I reckon it would sell well, even if the Net geeks kicked up a 'whatever' around it.

SlappingOysters3747d ago

Game design and movie stuff in particular.

He does come across like a bit of a knob though. How was that bit about everyone thinking he is cool and deciding to become game designers!

Love his games but, I must say!

celldomceen13746d ago

Cliffy b dude huge whatever the hell he is calling himself these days is a tool no matter how good his games are the more you talk the less people start listening dude

Bnet3433747d ago

That was a good read. Gears 2 Nov 7th can't wait!