Cheaters: A Special Report

Game Informer: "As long as people are playing games, video or otherwise, someone will be cheating to get an advantage and win. It's the nature of the human beast, and something that irks people in multiplayer contests. It's one thing to spoil your own experience by turning on infinite ammo during single-player, but another to kill the fun of those playing by the rules in a multiplayer match.

Lag switches are a console mod by which some people cheat. Lag switches are installed as a block between the console and the network. When activated, the player's character appears to be frozen when in actuality they can still move around, grab loot, and position themselves for kills. When the console resynchronizes with the network, the player will appear out of thin air in their real position. Bowling says they caught on to this practice and addressed it with a patch by tracking some players who made their way up the leaderboards a little too quickly."

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thebudgetgamer3652d ago

i think cheats are fine as long as you dont use them in mp games then you should be strung up :)

rroded3651d ago

But if ur cheating in multiplayer online you should b perma banned!

So many great games ruined cause some jerks cant play fair.