Think Before You Shoot

Clint Hocking is old--at least for the games industry. In his mid-30s, he's sick of playing the same old game that mindlessly pits him against a horde of monsters. He'd rather see games offer up meaningful experiences. He wants games that force him to think.

That's why, as a creative director at Ubisoft, he's spent three and a half years working on "Far Cry 2," which debuts on Tuesday. In "Far Cry 2," players can jump into the role of a mercenary hired to kill an arms dealer who is brewing wars on the African plains. But unlike most first-person shooters, "Far Cry" forces players to make difficult choices. caught up with Hocking on the eve of the game's launch to discuss how to make grandma care about videogames.

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Dino3702d ago

it will always involve shooting something, killing something or micromanaging something. Because we as a species are good at those things.

TheTimeDoctor3702d ago

agreed, our caveman forefathers weren't holding hand they were surviving by killing their neighbor for a little bit more meat!