God of War and single-player action/adventure games no longer interest me

"I have a confession to make. I have committed a grave sin. That sin is having no plans to buy the recent God of War for the PlayStation 4. I know, blasphemy, right? I do understand that it’s an amazing game with a great story and crisp visuals, however, those are still not enough to pull me in. That’s because single-player action and adventure games no longer interest me." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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-Foxtrot176d ago

Oh're missing out

*continues to play single player action/adventure games*

xHeavYx176d ago

What's going on with all the GOW-related articles??

uptownsoul176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I know right…Boy do I love the "These are what games I like (and/or don't like)" type of opinion articles (that don't really mean anything to anybody else)…

And of course this one is tailored toward one of the most popular PS4 games of the past couple years…no doubt to try and bring in as many eye-balls as possible…

Can't wait for this same author to recycle this exact same article in a month and a half... (this time with Spider-Man in the headline)…to get more page visits!!!

DrChevalier176d ago

This is from Its pretty surprising they aren't towing the company line.

Babadook7176d ago

Two things are certain. 1. People LOVE god of war. And because of this fact 2. You can get good clicks saying otherwise.

Godmars290176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Sp is showing that it still has legs despite the likes of EA insisting that it doesn't.

As much as i hate to use the word: enter the shills?

Or, could just as soon be someone fishing for clicks and went after a popular title to get them.

uptownsoul176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

@DrChevalier - "This is from Its pretty surprising they aren't towing the company line."

Actually its not surprising at all…Being the millionth and 1 article lavishing praise on God of War will get ZERO clicks …especially 3 months after all the other articles have done the same thing…

But if your one of the very few articles on a pro-playstation site to say your NOT interested in God of War…Now your completely different & thus you can more easily stand out and draw a lot of attention to your article

Army_of_Darkness175d ago

How do you consider yourself a gamer if you don't like to play single player games??! Gtfo.

Sirk7x175d ago

Popular recent game, pulls in clicks and therefore ad revenue, especially if it's a controversial opinion. Same reason we saw so many "WHY BOTW AND MARIO ODYSSEY ARE THE WORST GAMES EVER" articles last year.

derek175d ago

I know it seems directed, let's see what tomorrow brings.

BioDead175d ago

It's relevant now, using the name gives more clicks :)

ULTp0ltergeist175d ago

I doubt most care anymore, it feels as if the game came and gone, just like that.

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george957175d ago

"God of War and single-player action/adventure games no longer interest me"

Then you have a problem its because of people like you today devs are moving to service based and online and MT BS I personally love SP games and they are here to stay

fiveby9175d ago

Opinion articles like this no longer interest me.

Does anyone care what style of games one random person likes or dislikes? I like the color blue. And no I didn't read the article. I see it tagged as opinion and the title and figure like more it's just some boring clickbait article.

175d ago
Sarcasm175d ago

My god. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

*continues to play single player action/adventure games*

Why is it always one or the other with these people? It's either Xbox or Playstation. Multiplayer or no Multiplayer.

Like, is it not humanly possible for these people to just enjoy two different things?

Aceman18175d ago

To the writer of this article no one cares honestly it's your lose.

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SuperSaiyanGod41176d ago

These people forget that single player games is what brought gaming to where gaming is today. If it wasn't for single player games there would be no online multiplayer games today unless we're talking about card games and chess and checkers but those even get boring fast.

Single player games have evolved nowadays and feel more like an experience then just fun.

VenomUK176d ago

THREE articles in the last two days coming in hard at God of War!

Jinger176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

People tend to forget that games were actually multiplayer focused on conception. Tennis for Two, SpaceWar, Pong. And even when games were still single player like Pac Man and such they were still extremely popular with people getting together and playing in arcades and the like.

This notion that Single Player story games are what made gaming what it is, is ludicrous. Gaming had always been a social function.

InTheLab176d ago


You forget the crash of gaming with the million copies of those games you mentioned sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Gaming had a resurgence under the NES with sp games like SMB and The Legend of Zelda.

Jinger175d ago


Lol nice job being wrong. Also NES still had some amazing Co-op titles like Contra, Battletoads, Marble Madness, Tecmo Bowl, R.C. Pro-am, Double Dragon, Mario Bros, SMB3, TMNT, Gauntlet 2...

I mean, you'd probably have a shorter list of games if you just counted Single Player games... Multiplayer/Co-op is a staple of gaming.

Gh05t175d ago

" If it wasn't for single player games there would be no online multiplayer games today unless we're talking about card games and chess and checkers but those even get boring fast. "

Says someone who obviously didnt grow up in an arcade playing multiplayer games that have nothing to do with single player games.

TheDriz175d ago

They don’t forget they just never knew. When I was a kid I was made fun of for all the games I played. These kids think it’s fashionable now. Gaming is not the same

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Petebloodyonion175d ago

Can't say I totally agree with Jinger but your statement is wrong.
Oversaturation of the market with tons of unfinished products (Crap) led to the crash of 1982.
Also, there was tons of single player games on the market.
Did you forget about E.T.?

ShottyatLaw175d ago

I remember when games were criticized for NOT having MP.

But since the early days for me, playing COOP or competitively with Player 2 has been a staple of gaming. Narrative driven, deep SP experiences were the exception to the norm.

Teens today grew up with PS2 onward, though, so I understand their views are different.

BeOpenMinded175d ago

Embarrassingly I used to play ET like crazy. I never figured out wtf to do or how to get out of the pit but I loved it haha

175d ago
Sokol176d ago

That's your right, personally - single player games is the primary and the only reason i enjoy my gaming hobby with rare, occasional multiplayer for the variety.

I think you are missing out on quite a few excellent games in near and further future but - that's your call.

kneon176d ago

Single player games are the ones that have moments that you will remember forever, multi-player games are seldom memorable.

I can recall dozens of great moments from single player games, but no such luck for multi-player. I've been playing overwatch since I got it dirt cheap last week and if I look at my stats I see I got a 38 kill streak, apparently, that's pretty good, but I can't remember anything about it, it's just one of many matches that are just a big blur.

Petebloodyonion175d ago

I don't agree with the author view but can definitely mention you some memorable moment in multiplayer or coop games.

- playing 200 matches in a row of Ken vs Ruy in Streetfighter Alpha
- DOOM on PSX with link cable: me with a chainsaw vs rocket I started screaming at my friend while rev chainsaw (it was his 1st match) he ran and splattered himself on the wall with a rocket.
- My 1st match as the trapper in Dead by Daylight
- 8 players in Saturnbomber man
- Diablo2 perm Kill a guy that wanted my stuff with an assassin (left stuff outside town with traps, the guy goes outside to check stuff, Hostile key hit and Voilà no more Paladin lvl 42.

HAAAA good time!

And one last
TADAAAAAAAA! from Blood (the good old bind keys for when you just killed someone with style) (at 5.00 for Tadaa)

LandoCalrissiano175d ago

Have you never played Mario Party?

Ragthorn175d ago

I think it just depends on what you call a memorable experience! I can recall many singleplayer and multiplayer memories as I find joy in both of them. For example, playing Divinity: Original Sin was a blast and funny adventure that used both of my friend and I's intelligence to solve problems our way. Or, when I (recently) played Baldur's Gate and met Minsc and Boo, the best companions in the game as they are extremely funny and memorable in their dialogue! Another would be playing Splatoon 2 and Siege and getting a little sweaty and clutching for the team. Also, playing through Shadowrun: Dragonfall and making the hard choices that MY character would choose as a "by-the-book" shadowrunner - not me.There's a lot of moments to be had in all games because it all depends on where we have fun the most I find! It's also why I love ShadowPlay and collect little bits here of my gameplay from all games that I found really great. One more example, just recently, I finally completed a very hard level in Metro 2033 Redux on Ranger Hardcore and did not alert any guards. Had to record it as I saw it as an accomplishment! Anyway, sorry for rambling, but I hope you got a good understanding as why you can have great, memorable moments in all games!

SuperSonic91175d ago

I guess this PlayStation Enthusiast guy won't be playing any single player Mario, Zelda, or Metroid, right?

NotoriousWhiz174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

I don't know if I'd classify Mario or Metroid as action/adventure games. The older Metroids maybe, but the newer ones have been first/third person shooters. Mario has always been a platformer.

AspiringProGenji176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Those games he mentioned are even 8-10 hours long. This article is just trying to form an argument using the same fallacies we often hear about SP Games. I can vouch for Horizon, God of War, and Bioshock that these games have content and replayability.

''I do know that most of my gaming time is occupied by online games such as Destiny.''


Silly gameAr176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I think he pretty much wrote it as a counter to that other article that got a lot of hits, so he wants to put a negative spin on it and see how many hits he can get. This doesn't even seem like a legit article. It feels like satire.

There's going to be games you like and games you can't really get into. I didn't finish Dishonored because I couldn't get into it. There's lots of games l've played like that and I couldn't get into them, but I'm not going to act like ALL single player games won't interest me anymore. That's silly.

rainslacker176d ago

Some of the most popular games in the world I can't or couldn't get into. I just move onto game that I can get into. I wouldn't ever project my lack of interest as worthy of an assertive article, and probably only mention it if it were relevant to some other conversation.

SuperSonic91175d ago

He also host the Nintendo Enthusiast website so I guess he wont be playing any Nintendo single player games soon, right?

Tazzy175d ago

Destiny isn't a great game that's the thing it's ok but not great where the games you mentioned are great I just picked up Horizon and I'm loving it.

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OB1Biker176d ago

I clicked and read the article but what I get from it is another very ancient saying, 'So what?'

Shiken175d ago

This article and other articles like it do not interest me.