GamingFront COD Beta Review

GamingFront Writes:
The game has a long way to go and unfortunately, it's less than a month till release. You would expect something a little better quality considering they had a much longer time developing this game compared to their previous title, Call of Duty 3. Sooner or later, they're going to have to start mass-producing discs and getting them shipped out to retailers worldwide. Their time is running short. There are definitely problems in the beta that need to be sorted out…and sorted out soon. The game isn't as good as CoD4, and I predict that it won't come close in the running for 2008 or 2009 GOTY, especially running against titles such as Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Farcry 2, and Fable 2. It's a step backwards from CoD4. It felt like an expansion pack instead of an entirely new game. The reason I say this is because about 90% of the features in this game are from Infinity Ward, not TreyArch.

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x THE CHEETAH x3649d ago

After playing the Beta for about an hour, I found myself wanting to play CoD4 again. In fact, after playing the CoD WaW Beta, it reminded me how much I love CoD4 and it also prompted me to hope that the guys over at Infinity Ward hasn't moved on from their great game of CoD4... if they could give us at least one more map pack for Modern Warfare, I'd be a happy man.

ASSASSYN 36o3649d ago

I already decided to pass up world war II just because it has been done to death. The only world war II games worth playing are aviation related.

kratos-i-am3649d ago

Its a bit sad actually as I think Activision gave Treyarch to many things to develop i.e James Bond (new franchise) and CoD.
Anyway kinda glad because I won't have buy the new one as COD4 will probably still have a large user base.